Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parish Market with Babs

My friend Jim (who prefers to be called by his internet handle, Babs) has a knack for giving critiques. It's a gift, really. A gift that I am frequently honored by receiving, particularly when it comes to this blog. Who else would tell me when Yenta Girl has been posting more than me and I better get at it? And no one but Babs would tell me that my restaurant entries are a little soft and I need to be more demanding in my assessments.

So, in light of his paramount taste, I offered him the chance (of a lifetime) to give a guest review. He finally took me up on this offer when we went to Parish Market on Friday. (I've written about Parish Restaurant in the past. Parish Market is located just downstairs of the restaurant.)

the market

Here are Jim's thoughts that he emailed me later that same afternoon:

"So I suppose when you order a Meatloaf Sandwich, you are not expecting
something delicate. What you are expecting is something meaty, savory,
heavy and probably a little bit greasy. Particularly if said sandwich also
has bacon and cheddar on it.

In that way, I was satisfied. It was not the biggest sandwich I have ever
eaten. But, 4 hours later, I am still pretty much stuffed. That's good,

The taste? Above average - hitting all the spots you'd expect - a little
spice, a little smoke (bacon) and a lot of meat. Good half-pickle.

I also ordered the "tea of the day" which was not tea as much as it was a

Molly tried my sandwich and drink. She may have a different report. I was
not offered any of hers.

The environs are nice in an art-directed sort of way. I suppose you could
buy a candle or a card of a coffee table book if you wanted to. Molly and I
ate at the communal table and I have to assume that ours was the most
interesting conversation going on. Laid back crowd of the kind of people
who want to eat a $10 sandwich in Inman Park on a rainy Friday.

the eat'n space

I debated getting the shrimp po' boy, which I have had before. I'd probably
get that next time.

Oh yeah, and it ain't cheap. I netted out at more than 13 bucks, chips,
sandwich and drink, pre-tip."

The sandwich that I did not offer Jim was pretty awesome.

It was a seared chicken breast topped with creole spiced cabbage slaw and sliced green tomato. It is simple but so good. I wouldn't call it a light sandwich considering that the bun is toasted with butter. But, it certainly isn't as heavy as the meatloaf sandwich, if that is too much for you.

In lieu of my regular standby, Diet Coke, I had a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice.

Mmm...tastes like old times

Parish Market also offers some grab and go salads, breakfast items, desserts, and a full espresso bar. I definitely recommend that you give it a try.

Parish Market
240 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307


rp said...

I should buy stock in that place, I'm there so much...

Broderick - foto 404 said...

Parish Market is the best thing since sliced bread. period. ;) ya gotta have the croissants & the coffee too....

Anonymous said...


I will agree with Brod that croissants and coffee are a delight here. They are open bright and early on weekends and the experience is nowhere near the madhouse that Alon's (and increasingly H&FBC) are.

Babs - posting on his own guest post!