Monday, October 27, 2008

Yenta Girl Meets Christian Louboutin!

My life is now complete, I met my shoe idol.

Myself and about 100 or so Buckhead-Betty types (which I may or may not be one of now that I moved) battled the rain to have a chance to meet Christian Louboutin at Jeffrey Atlanta.

I arrived an hour early, not knowing what the crowd would be like. Well, there weren't that many people at noon and a line wasn't forming at this point, so I did a little window shopping and got some tea. When I went about 50 minutes later, there still wasn't a line, but it was much more crowded. They were passing out champagne, which is always a plus in my book. After a few minutes of trying to look busy and preoccupied, I struck of a conversation with a girl that had on the most AMAZING pair of Louboutin's- bright pink satin with a giant bow and 5 inch heals. They really were breathtaking. We started comparing shoes (I had on my pair of CL's- peep-toe midnight blue patterned with 5 inch heals) and talking about how much we love his Spring line.

When it approached 1pm, we all made our way into a line (of course myself and Ms. Pink Shoes made sure we were in the front).

I must say that Christian Louboutain was the face of "cool". He looks so effortlessly chic, with faded jeans, a houndstooth blazer and green Converses (at least that is what I think they were).

I had brought with me an article from this month's issue of InStyle that featured an article all about him for Christian to sign (as I was NOT in the market to buy a new pair of his $800 shoes). If you haven't seen the article, I highly recommend it. It talks about him (of course) and gives you a beautiful tour of his home in France (October issue).

After about 20 minutes it was finally my turn to approach the table where he was signing (see photo from my phone- yes it was stanchioned off like he was a rockstar). Turns out he is so unassuming, warm and charismatics. He took the time to show me some of the highlights of the article and when I pointed out that I loved one of his end tables (it looks like a little boar- don't ask, it is odd and quirky, but really cool) he laughed and said that he loved that table as well.

What impressed me the most is that he took the time to talk to me and instead of just signing his name on my page (which I was expecting him to do- and would have been more than happy with), he actually drew a little picture and a note next to the boar photo and singed his name. Not only did he draw a picture, but he colored it in and decorated it. I could see from the line that he decorated everything he signed, including shoes.

It really was a great experience, one that I will never forget. Now I just need to go buy a frame.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parish Market with Babs

My friend Jim (who prefers to be called by his internet handle, Babs) has a knack for giving critiques. It's a gift, really. A gift that I am frequently honored by receiving, particularly when it comes to this blog. Who else would tell me when Yenta Girl has been posting more than me and I better get at it? And no one but Babs would tell me that my restaurant entries are a little soft and I need to be more demanding in my assessments.

So, in light of his paramount taste, I offered him the chance (of a lifetime) to give a guest review. He finally took me up on this offer when we went to Parish Market on Friday. (I've written about Parish Restaurant in the past. Parish Market is located just downstairs of the restaurant.)

the market

Here are Jim's thoughts that he emailed me later that same afternoon:

"So I suppose when you order a Meatloaf Sandwich, you are not expecting
something delicate. What you are expecting is something meaty, savory,
heavy and probably a little bit greasy. Particularly if said sandwich also
has bacon and cheddar on it.

In that way, I was satisfied. It was not the biggest sandwich I have ever
eaten. But, 4 hours later, I am still pretty much stuffed. That's good,

The taste? Above average - hitting all the spots you'd expect - a little
spice, a little smoke (bacon) and a lot of meat. Good half-pickle.

I also ordered the "tea of the day" which was not tea as much as it was a

Molly tried my sandwich and drink. She may have a different report. I was
not offered any of hers.

The environs are nice in an art-directed sort of way. I suppose you could
buy a candle or a card of a coffee table book if you wanted to. Molly and I
ate at the communal table and I have to assume that ours was the most
interesting conversation going on. Laid back crowd of the kind of people
who want to eat a $10 sandwich in Inman Park on a rainy Friday.

the eat'n space

I debated getting the shrimp po' boy, which I have had before. I'd probably
get that next time.

Oh yeah, and it ain't cheap. I netted out at more than 13 bucks, chips,
sandwich and drink, pre-tip."

The sandwich that I did not offer Jim was pretty awesome.

It was a seared chicken breast topped with creole spiced cabbage slaw and sliced green tomato. It is simple but so good. I wouldn't call it a light sandwich considering that the bun is toasted with butter. But, it certainly isn't as heavy as the meatloaf sandwich, if that is too much for you.

In lieu of my regular standby, Diet Coke, I had a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice.

Mmm...tastes like old times

Parish Market also offers some grab and go salads, breakfast items, desserts, and a full espresso bar. I definitely recommend that you give it a try.

Parish Market
240 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good food for a good cause

The great thing about our city is that there always seems to be some delicious event going on where one can try amazing wines, mingle with talented local chefs, and eat unbelievably good food.

This coming Monday, October 27th, you can do all of the above all while helping out a great cause!

The Atlanta Community Food Bank's Atlanta's Table is holding one of their Simple Abundance Cooking Classes with Chef Tim Magee of Parish Foods & Goods at the midtown location of The Cook's Warehouse.

"The Creole and Cajun cuisines that blend delicious French, Spanish, French Caribbean and African flavors is what New Orleans food is all about. Chef Magee brings his high level of commitment and passion to New Orleans style cooking to Simple Abundance with a menu of Sunflower salad with Bibb lettuce, sunchokes and baby corn vinaigrette; Andouille crusted catfish with julienne vegetables, chive aoli and crystal butter; and Pecan-peach bread pudding with caramel anglaise. Evening includes wine tastings sponsored by National Distributor's and a chance to win tasty door prizes provided by Atlanta Beverage, Bella Cucina Artful Foods, Cabot Cheese and Via Elisa Authentic Fresh Pasta."

The cost is only $50 and 100% of the proceeds will go to Atlanta's Table to feed the hungry using perishable food from the local hospitality industry. (Click here for more info on Atlanta's Table.)

This is an incredible deal for an incredible cause. Please consider attending!

Simple Abundance Cooking Class benefiting Atlanta's Table
Monday, October 27, 7pm to 9pm
Chef Tim Magee of Parish Foods & Goods
The Cook's Warehouse - Midtown
549-1 Amsterdam Avenue
Atlanta GA 30306
($50, Demonstration & Tasting)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taking The Original El Taco for a spin

Yenta Girl and I were thrilled to be invited to one of the preview nights at Shaun Doty's and the Fifth Group Restaurants new partnership, The Original El Taco.

The Original El Taco occupies the space of The Fifth Group's Sala, which closed back in July. The decor of El Taco seemed more festive and casual than Sala was.

We had quite a wait before our table was ready. Luckily, we were able to grab some sangrias at the bar. While we were there, one of the bartenders spun a big wheel on the wall behind the bar. If the number it landed on corresponded to the number on the token you were given on the way in, you got something free. And what do you know? I was a winner!

oh yeah - free tequila for me

The spinner was fun that night but I'm not sure how well it would work on a regular basis. (And, I'm not even sure if it is a regular thing. I could be wrong.)

I think due to the crowd of the preview night, Yenta Girl and I had to be seated with another couple - the delightful owners of the San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company. Unfortunately, I was too self conscious to take as many pictures I would have liked of the food. I quickly snapped what I could so as not to ruin their dinner. So, I was unable to get (good) pictures of everything we had.

Taco Basket with a fried chicken taco, red chili steak taco, and a Mexican chorizo taco

The tacos were really good. They ran out of the talapia taco before we could try it. But, the fried chicken taco was a good substitute. The only thing that would have given these tacos an A+ would have been homemade corn tortillas. The flour ones were unremarkable.

There was a nice garnish bar for the tacos at the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of it until after I gobbled up my tacos. Next time, I'm hitting up the garnishes hardcore!

don't make my mistake - garnish away!

Chili Cheese Enchiladas - I have nothing to say about these because I didn't
order them. I was told they were good, though!

Items ordered that I didn't get a great picture of were the Durango "Truck Stop" Sliders (spicy BBQ chicken, chipotle mayo, and banana pepper pickles), Queso Royale (melted Mexican cheese with jalapenos and sides of Mexican chorizo, chili rajas, charred onions, and lime salted corn chips), and shrimp ceviche. I would definitely get the sliders and queso royale again. The shrimp ceviche wasn't my thing but, if you like ceviche, I wouldn't warn against it.

For dessert, we ordered the flan and the Mexican Coke Float. The float was Mexican because it was served with a giant Coke from Mexico, which contains real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at El Taco. I want to go back and see what it is like on a regular night and maybe even try that talapia!

The Original El Taco
1186 N. Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tracy Ewell- THE BEST!

So I went to my make-up consultation last week and it was (of course) AMAZING! Natalie and Tracy did such a great job. Not only did my make-up look flawless, but the three of us had a great time. I never feel like they are trying to sell me a bunch of stuff, but the products they do use they really and truly believe in.

I ended up getting eyeliner. Every eyeliner I have tried- power, pencil, liquid always runs, no matter what I do or what the product claims. I am not sure if it because I wear glasses, or the way my skin is, but no matter what I try, it always ends up halfway down my checks and makes me look like I have a black eye. Not attractive.

The girls recommended Face Stockholm's Gel Eyeliner in black and I couldn't be happier with the results. It does NOT move. I wore it to dance class and it still did not run. It is such a great product. I would not plug something if it didn't work. I have a very high standard for eyeliners, so I can promise you that this one is really the best out there.

In addition to the magic eyeliner, I got an eyeliner brush and a bunch of fun gifts with purchase. I especially love the Caudalie scrub sample I got. I am going to go back and get that next time I am there.

Now, go visit Tracy Ewell and tell them Disposable Income sent you!

Tracy Ewell
775 Lake Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307
...the space with the big red door.

Kelly's Closet- Boutique Party and Bridal Sample Sale

Kelly's Closet is one of my favorite boutiques in the city. Everything in the store is really unique. Kelly travels all over the world to find her clothes and carries many up-and-coming designers. One of my favorite finds is this great pale pink dress from Australia I purchased last Boutique Warehouse Sale. I have been hooked on this store ever since.

This Friday, she is having a big store event that includes food, drinks and great discounts.

Friday, October 24th, we are hosting our big bash. From 5pm till 8pm, we will be partying down, with plenty to eat and drink. Just for walking through the door, you get $25 closet bucks! (The free money expires on Friday, so make sure you use those puppies.) As most of you know, you can probably do some digging in my baskets and get something for free. Free drinks, free food, and a free goody from the treasure chest. Talk about a win, win, win. All we ask is that you give our birthday boy Aslan a birthday hug. Pretty darn easy, yes?

For those of you wanting to do a little more shopping, we are happy to print more bucks for you! You get $50 closet bucks when you spend $250 and $75 closet bucks when you spend $500 or more. Happy shopping! I would assume you know that you should probably give Aslan a few extra hugs when getting the extra bucks! All of the incentives (and free money) expire that evening, so you have to use your credit before you leave us. But, the hugs go on and on!

Kelly's Closet is also having a huge bridal samples sale. In case you haven't been to the store, half is a boutique and the other half of the store is a bridal salon. They just spend the weekend in New York at a bridal market and now have tons of samples in stock. I would make your appointment ASAP as these dresses will go fast.

Kelly's Closet
1649 McLendon Avenue NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404) 377-9923 phone

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eat'n with the Bloggers

Cathy over at Live to Nibble had a great idea a few weeks ago to get all the food bloggers together to eat, drink, and be merry!

We chose to eat at Cuerno and we ate well. I can't even remember everything we ordered (perhaps it was the glasses of sangria I had?) but I will brag that we ordered the Paella de Conejo y Caracoles (that is, the rabbit and snail paella).

yeah, there are snails in that paella

Usually what helps with a foggy memory is my camera. But seeing as how I had never met these other delightful food bloggers, I didn't want to creep them out with my incessant picture taking. So the only other decent picture that I got was of the Tabla de Embutidos, a selection of spanish charcuterie and cheeses served with tomato-garlic bread. Yum!

tomato-garlic bread = genius!

We plan to have more food blogger dinners in our future. Hopefully, they'll remember my charming anecdotes from this evening and forgive my photographic indiscretions.

905 Juniper Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Friday, October 17, 2008

Vintage Jeans at Blue Jeans- Get $$ for your old Denim

Blue Genes is now buying back your used premium denim (think 7s, True Religion, Paige, Joe's) and will give you $30 in Blue Genes Bucks toward the purchase of a new pair of premium denim. Granted, their new jeans usually cost about $200 on average, but this should help a little.

The denim you sell, along with other used jeans, will be sold in the store in the new "Vintage Section" where prices starts at just $29 (price range is $29 - $100). I know that the definition of "vintage" is really being used loosely here, but I don't care what they want to call it if that means I can get a pair of jeans for $30.

I am checking them out today and hopefully selling back 4 pairs of jeans. I will update this post with details on my visit next week.

Blue Genes
3400 Around Lenox Drive N.E.
Suite 214
Atlanta, GA 30326

Christian Louboutin COMING TO ATLANTA!

I really cannot contain myself or express to you how excited I am. I may pass out before I finish this post.

While at Phipps last night I saw that Christian Louboutin is coming to Jeffrey Atlanta on October 24 from 1-4pm. I just about pounced on a nice sales associate and demanded details. She wasn't sure of too many specifics but he will be signing shoes (only unworn ones) and may be taking pics (that isn't confirmed). You bet I will be there!

Jeffrey Atlanta
3500 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
(404) 237-9000

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

20% off at Saks- Friends and Family Discount

You are welcome....
For online shopping, use code SAKSFF2. Print for in-store discount.

New Boutique- Paper Source Is Open!

Atlanta finally has a Paper Source! To say that it is a paper and card store is really not doing it justice. They sell everything from fine paper from all over the world, gorgeous books, cards, wrapping paper and much more. Handwriting notes is just such a lost art- Paper Source is the kind of place that makes you want to put down the mouse and pick up a pen.

The store just opened in Virginia Highlands right by Mitzi and Romano and Bella Cucina in a huge space- over 3,000 sq. feet. When you go in, make sure you say hi to our friend Carla K.

Next week they are having a huge launch event. Click on the below invitation to visit the website for more information-

Paper Source
Virginia Highlands
1052-54 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30306

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soup's On with rogueApron!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks; lines of cars waiting hours just to get a few gallons of gas, the worst week in the history of Wall Street, all in the midst of a heated presidential election.

So, with the economy in the dumps and the world in a tailspin, Lady Rogue wanted to bring everyone together to share a warm bowl of tasty soup and good conversation on a Saturday afternoon in the park.

As she put it on her site:

"I’m not an economist. I can’t understand or fix the problems. But what we can do is come together as a community to share a meal. It’s a simple act, but it shatters preconceptions. We can change what we do. We can change how we act. We can connect with each other on a local level, and come up with solutions to make the lives of our neighbors fundamentally better."

I'm no economist, either, but I can certainly enjoy good soup and invigorating conversation!

To get to the park with the pots of soup warm and ready, we had to to walk a bit down a clandestine pathway.

to the right of the sign

down the stairs

through the underpass

head right toward the swings

down the path to rogueApron!

At the registration table, we were greeted with a pumpkin spice infused vodka. It was good and, as usual, super strong!

don't be a hero and try to have more than one, it's more potent than you think!

There were four endless soup options: Organic butternut sqaush, Pancetta, Porcini, & Pistou Minestrone, Mama's Portuguese Vegetable Stew, and Lemongrass & Corn soup.

(left to right) minestrone, butternut squash, vegetable stew, and lemongrass corn

We tried everything but the lemongrass soup only due to time constraints. (We had to get back to the Halloweenie so that Katie could participate in the race!)

the delicious bread was perfect for sopping up the soup remnants!

The winner of the most creative soup bowl was awarded postcards created by Katie Kaiser.
(But, anyone can pick them up at Urban Cottage!)

For dessert, Lenox Cupcakes donated some delicious treats for the guests to partake in.

There was a good crowd at the event. Lady Rogue told us that around 100 people RSVPed! Even dogs were invited to join the fun.

Katie mingles with Extraface's dogs, Toofis & Max

B. told me that, after we left, people broke out the bean bags and began playing corn hole. Ugh, if only I could be in two places at once.

If you'd like to attend the next rogueApron event, go to the website and sign up for the mailing list. And don't sit on the email when you get it - sign up immediately. Lady Rogue told me that past events have sold out in just 15 minutes!

(Curious about the previous events? Click here for my post on the last rogueApron event, here for my post on the fourth event or here for my post on the third event. I've also got pictures from the second event here and Extraface's pictures from rogueApron's debut are here.)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

H+F Bread Co., a first taste

Yesterday, Yenta Girl, Tony, and I decided to give Metro Fresh a rest and headed over to H&F Bread Co. to try it out.

The first thing that hit me when we walked into H&F Bread Co. is the smell; the warm scent of baking breads that makes me want to break out a cot and make myself at home there forever.

I'll take a loaf of bread to gnaw on during the car ride back to work

I had been told of how bare bones it was in there but I was surprised by how cute it ended up being. (Perhaps they spruced it up some since B. got me all those wonderful pastries for me on my birthday?)

Each weekday, H&F Bread Co. cooks up one soup and two sandwiches. Yesterday, they had two soups, chicken noodle and gumbo, and two sandwiches, a roasted veggie and goat cheese pita and a ham baguette.

Gumbo & Veggie Sammy that the gentleman ahead of me ordered

My veggie pita and ginger scone

Yenta Girl's Chicken noodle soup and chocolate croissant

Tony's ham baguette and ginger scone

Pecan cookies that we all shared

I think I can speak for the three of us when I say that we really enjoyed our lunches. All the breads were all delicious and soy free. (Since many breads are made with soy, this is important to note for those with a soy allergy.) The ginger scone was buttery and flaky, with little bits of crystallized ginger.

In addition to their breads, pastries and lunch items, H&F Bread Co. sells jams, olive oil, canned Italian tuna, and other such items.

My only gripe would be with the prices, as it is a tad expensive for a grab and go spot. My sandwich, scone, and diet coke totaled up to about $14 - ouch! But, I can only imagine how H&F feels the pinch on the other side.

As we left, I picked up a menu and found out about their Entertaining Menu, which includes the H&F Burger Kit. For $35, you get 1 lb. of Will Harris' White Oak Pasture Ground Beef, 4 brioche buns, half pint each of ketchup, yellow mustard, bread and butter pickles, 1 pint of caramelized onions, and a 1/4 lb. of cheddar cheese. All this and you don't have to wait until 10pm to eat wait one of their fabulous burgers.

I'm looking forward to trying some of their other soups (like the White Bean soup they serve on Tuesdays!) and picking up a loaf of bread to enjoy at home.

H&F Bread Co.
2255 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30309