Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parish, revisted

The first time I went to Parish was about a month ago. C-Dub and met our buddy, Randy, there while we was on a dinner break from Dad's Garage. We got there right when they opened that evening and practically had the restaurant to ourselves. This, of course, meant that I was able to get many pictures of Parish's beautiful dining room.

Walking upstairs to the dining room

Look at how pretty!

I really enjoyed my dinner that night - the Georgia farm fresh vegetable plate. It probably would have been too salty for some but for me, the saltier the better!

Crispy eggplant, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, & green beans

Since my first visit, I've heard some rumbling complaints about the food and service at Parish. I know C-Dub was a little disappointed in his meal but our service was just fine that night - nothing to write home about but far from atrocious.

This past weekend, we hit up Parish again to celebrate the birthday of my friend, Julie. Our reservations were at 7pm on Friday and it was considerably more crowded.

C-Dub and I started out with a few appetizers before our meal. I got the Sunflower Salad, so named because it is styled after a sunflower. (I didn't see it.) C-Dub got the Crispy Oysters Rockefeller.

Does it look like a sunflower to you?

The salad was alright. It didn't blow my mind or anything but I did enjoy the crispy sunflower seeds sprinkled throughout.

crispy oysters

The crispy oysters were not so great. The breading was too heavy and did not stick to the oysters very well.

For dinner, I took the safe route and got the Georgia Farm Fresh vegetables again. The veggies were good but not as delicious as the last time I ordered it simply due to the difference in vegetables between the two visits. I just loved the sweet potatoes and swiss chard in the previous dish. The abundant tomatoes in the veggie plate this time just weren't doing it for me.

Veggie plate!

C-Dub was very disappointed in the Tuna Tournedos he ordered, as the tuna came cooked almost all the way through and not seared, as described. (I, however, loved the little skillet potatoes that the tuna topped. It was like having a little bit of brunch for dinner!) disappointment in your mouth!

The hands down winner of the night had to be Julie's Broiled Red Fish. (The bitch out-ordered me at her birthday dinner last year, too!) Wow, it was so good. The spice rub on the outside kind of reminded me of fried chicken - don't ask me why. Luckily for me, Julie is a lightweight and couldn't finish the dish - jackpot!

Does this picture make you drool too?

At the end of the night, our waiter (who was great, by the way) brought Julie a slice of Georgia Peach & Pecan Bread Pudding for her birthday. It seems like there is a pudding trend in restaurants now and I am loving it. Num, num, num, num, num! (That is the sound of me eating all the puddings you put in front of me.)

After a few glasses of sparkling Rose, I can only tell you that peach and pecan pudding was delicious but I can't go into the intricacies of that deliciousness.

Intricate deliciousness

I haven't written off Parish, yet - that Red Fish alone warrants another visit. And I still have to try the market in the basement!

Parish Market

Parish Restaurant
240 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307


C-Dub said...

The Crispy Oysters were really disappointing. It didn't taste like oysters. It tasted like breading and the breading wasn't great. Too heavy and flavorless.

That Redfish was pretty tasty. Thanks Julie for letting me have a taste.

Laura said...

I have only been to the market section, which is very cute. Fried Green Tomato BLT is what dreams are made of!

Steph said...

In the market get a uyster and shrimp mixed po' boy. It rocks. I have had horrible service upstairs and just okay food, but the market food is great. oh the grilled brie sammy is good, except for the broccolini. Ask for it without.

sara said...

I have had both dinner upstairs and lunch at the market. I found the market to be much better. The tuna sandwich is craveable. I had the cajun-rubbed fish upstairs - it was so over-salted that I could barely get past the first couple of bites. Very typical that those who try to copy "cajun-cuisine" over season the food.

GrabMoL said...

While the fish was pretty salty, my friend Julie - who is from Louisiana and only moved here when she came to college - felt that the red fish was prepared in the traditional style. So, take that for whatever it is worth!