Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brown Bag'n It: Kashi Pocket Bread Sandwich

On this past Monday, all the cool foodie kids attended Amuse Cochon, a benefit for Slow Food Atlanta. A description of the event on the Atlanta Taste Network's site details the night as, "Amuse Cochon is a friendly competition and fundraiser for Slow Food Atlanta. The chef can prepare their 60 pound heritage pig with any device and sauces, as they believe necessary to win the title...Chefs include: Todd Mussman of Muss & Turners, Jay Swift of 4th and Swift, Allan Benton of Benton Smoky Country Hams, and Kevin Rathbun of Rathbun's Restaurants and the 5 Season's Brewing Team."

Who wouldn't want to go, right? Certainly not me! I wanted to be there to support the slow food movement and see all those fantastic chefs in action.

But, a series of recent events (an out of town wedding, an unscheduled doggy surgery, the ECONOMY), have left me a little low in the funds. And, knowing that I wanted to treat my mom to a delicious dinner on her birthday, I decided not to attend.

In keeping with this "Let's Build Back up the ole Bank Account" theme, I decided to bring my lunch into work this week*. So C-Dub and I headed out to Publix to load up on foods we could bring into work for lunch.

Now, I wish I could be like other friends of mine who actually put lunches and dinners together. But, sadly, I am not. (I'm still working on this. I'm just not there, yet!) So, when I came across this yummy looking frozen Kashi pocket bread sandwich, it seemed just perfect for a lunch at my desk.

I wanted to try the veggie medley sandwich above. But there was only one box left at Publix and it looked like someone had tried to pry it open. So, I went with the next one available - the Turkey Fiesta pocket sandwich.

The first good sign about this frozen sammy was when I walked into the break room to retrieve it from the microwave and a coworker remarked at how delicious it smelled. Excellent! No scary Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones smells were emitted from the microwave that day. (Or at least at that moment.)

The second good sign was the look of it. It actually looked like something I wanted to eat! Before I cut into it, it looked like a warm, oversized wheat roll.

These signs were not misleading - it was actually tasty. No scary dark meat here, just recognizable, lean turkey with red peppers, onions, and black beans. I would definitely have this again. And since it is only $3.50, it isn't too bad of a price for a daily lunch.

Next time around, I'd like to try the veggie sandwich! And, for all my vegan friends, the box states that the veggie sandwich is vegan. So, you can partake in this frozen delight on a day when you don't feel like whipping up something from scratch.

*I was only successful in avoiding the siren song of MetroFresh for one day. I'm sure I'll try to do better next week!


mingaling said...

Ooh, great tip. Thanks!

ETK said...

Wow! I am definitely going to have to try that - looks and sounds yumtastic!

Glue&Glitter said...

Wow, I'm surprised that they put VEGAN right on the front of the veggie one! I wouldn't have expected Kashi to be so mindful. Go them!

And thanks for the shout-out! We should cook some time!

dirty said...

The cool kids missed you at Amuse Cochon!

B said...

all the cool foodie kids, LOL! those look pretty good and the price is right, I'll have to pick some up :)

Anonymous said...

Lean cusine has some suprisingly good ( or at least decent) meals for only about $2.00. Try their paninis, low fat and filling.