Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthday Cakes and Ale

from the inside, looking out

One of the fun things about my Mom's birthday is that she lets me take her out to dinner - my choice! It's almost as if it's my birthday all over again. Last year, I chose Bacchanalia for her and, of course, we had a great time. She was a little concerned about the prix-fixe meal but, after convincing her to reconsider, she was happy to indulge!

This year, I picked out Cakes & Ale. My friend, Julie, and I went went there on my birthday and it was so, so good. And, I happily discovered, they serve the same sparkling rosé as the one I love at Holeman & Finch!

on the corner of Ponce and Ponce Place

This dinner might have been better than our dinner at Bacchanalia. No, I'm not saying I think Cakes & Ale is better than Bacchanalia. But, I was able to run straight from work and meet C-Dub and my mom there without the worry that I was going to be sitting next to a man in a suit. Also, we sat in the booth right next to the front door, surrounded by windows. Hello? Perfect picture taking light!

'ello, Mum!

what to choose, what to choose...

I would say that it is not an overstatement to describe our meal as amazing. The food was just flawless and amazing. As Rachel Zoe would say, "I die!" It was that good.

Oh, and I'm not going to waste your time with words. I'm just going to show you the pics and then say, "Get thyself to Cakes & Ale with haste."

these were good and I was starving when I arrived

my sparkling rosé - Michlits Rose Frizzante Burgenland

Heirloom tomato salad with goat cheese
(veggies from the Cakes & Ale farm)

toast pocket stuffed with zucchini salad & mint
(perfectly toasted!)

Fried okra with ranch dressing - a dream!

Braised chicken leg & thigh with roasted okra, potatoes, eggplant & tomatoes

Pork tenderloin with whipped sweet potatoes, green beans with corn & pepper relish

cheeseburger & fries!

Hazelnut brownie pie with orange creamsicle ice cream
(who would've thought all those flavors would go together!)

Local apple strudel with dried cherries & softly whipped cream
(my mom's choice)

Yay birthday!

Cakes & Ale
254 W Ponce de Leon Ave
Decatur, GA 30030


B said...

Love the photo of your mom in the window. :) I really need to check this place out

GrabMoL said...

I think Casey was embarrassed because I was taking pictures as I was walking up to the restaurant. Not me - I have no shame!

C-Dub said...

Not embarrassed, just hungry!

The burger was good, not as good as Holman & Finch but at least I got to eat it at a decent hour (that makes me sound like an old man). Also, it had mayo on it and I think that is a mortal sin.

I was surprised at how good Molly's chicken tasted. I actually wish I had ordered the chicken or the pork because they were both great.

Carrie said...

Don't feel old C-dub!! If George doesn't eat promptly by 5pm, he gets quite cranky ;)

Dudy said...

lovin the shot of your mom and the okra. So mom that is!