Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Bhojanic Alternative

Inspired by a writeup by the Blissful Glutton; my friend, Rachel, and I headed over to Panahar last Monday to partake in some delicious Bangladeshi delights. Here's a tip for anyone headed out to eat on Monday - be sure to check the restaurants hours before you do so, as many restaurants are closed on Mondays. This is something we did not do and were unpleasantly greeted by a big, fat CLOSED sign on Panahar's door. What now?

We talked about going to Desta, as we knew we could always have a good meal there. But, we were just in the mood for something different - food seasoned with a different kind of spice. So, I suggested we try Bhojanic. Bhojanic is an Indian restaurant that I figured might cure our spice craving. While Bangladeshi food is most akin to northern Indian cuisine and Bhojanic serves southern Indian cuisine, it might be a good alternative for us. (By the way - if I have the regions all mixed up, please pipe in. I'm no expert on Indian cuisine and would definitely appreciate the correction.)

It had been about two years or so since I'd last been to Bhojanic and I didn't realize that they had expanded their dining room, giving them quite a bit more of space.

The expanded dining room

Everything looks good when you're ravenous!

Perusing the menu, we really didn't know what we wanted. Our waitress suggested we try the thalis, the traditional Indian combination platters. Okay, that was sounding good to us because the platters came with a lot of food - all thalis are served with Rice Pullao, Chapati (whole wheat flat bread), Raita (cucumber yogurt sauce), Indian pickle, Papadam (crispy lentil cracker), and a small salad - and we were ready to chow down.

Look at all the food!

I got the shakhahari (pure vegetarian platter) and Rachel ordered the bhojanic, which was one meat and two veggies. Sadly, I did not take the specials menu with me and I can't remember exactly what we ordered. I do remember I got the chole (in the picture above, it is the top middle dish in the bottom platter - make sense?), which is most like a chana masala, a chickpea dish. I also got baby eggplants and potatoes (in the picture above, it is to the left of the chole), which was really tasty.

I believe Rachel's meat entree was a chicken stewed in a sauce made with coconut milk. She also ordered the chole, along with a different eggplant dish as her second veggie.

We still want to get back to Panahar on a night when they are actually open. But we were very pleased with our meal from Bhojanic and left rubbing our stomachs, feeling very full and satisfied.

Please take a moment to admire Rachel's hair, as she just had it cut.
Just lovely, right?

1363 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033

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