Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10Ten Nail Spa

For a while, if you wanted to get your nails done, you had 2 options. 1) Go to the cheap places in strip malls and pray that you didn't get some crazy fungus OR 2) Pay a ridiculous amount of money and go to a spa.

Luckily, in the past several years, the concept of "Nail Bars" have been cropping up all over. They are a solid mid-priced solution- giving you a great treatment, at a decent price and of course, pretty nails.

I believe that Sugarcoat on Pharr Road in Buckhead was the first of its kind here in Atlanta. I love them and they will always have a place in my heart (nail bed?) for them.

With that said, I have gone several times to 10Ten Nail Bar and have had a great experience each time. They are owned by Natural Body Spa and up until recently, only had 2 locations- one in Virginia Highlands and one in Snellville. 2 weeks ago, they opened their 3rd location in Brookhaven (and wouldn't you know it- just 2 minutes from my new place).

I checked them out this weekend and was not disappointed! I was pleased to get a same-day appointment, as that is nearly impossible at their VH location. I am sure that as they gain popularity, that luxury will be gone. My nail technician was really nice and even though it was their last appointment on a Sunday, she didn't make me feel rushed at all.

10Ten lets you customize your experience by letting you choose scrubs, soaks and lotions that are all related to the different elements- wood, air, fire, water, and metal. They are all proprietary blends that they mix in-house from natural ingredients, like brown sugar, cinnamon, lemon oil, lavender. Click here to see what is included in each "element". (I got fire this time and loved the cinnamon lotion!).

Another fun perk is that you can relax with an eye mask and a heated shoulder pillow while you are getting your treatment. They also use Opi nail polish- I choose jet black this time.

I highly recommend 10Ten. Their website has not been updated with the Brookhaven contact information.

10Ten Nail Bar
The Avenues, Virginia Highlands and Brookhaven

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