Friday, October 10, 2008

Festivals Galore!

This weekend the festival stars must be aligned because there are at least 5 festivals going on.
If you can think of another one, please let us know!

I am def checking out Candler Park Festival with my festival partner in crime (LD).
We are hard-core attendees steeped in ritual (involves proper footwear, cash quantities, etc.- not for the faint of heart).

Click on the links for parking info, times, pet policies, and general info.

1) Candler Park Festival- One of my favorites (up there with Inman Park Festival and Highland Festival). Should be a big turnout with a lot of vendors. Keep a lookout for great handmade jewelry, fine art, home decor...

2) Brookhaven Arts Festival- This one is smaller than the above event, but has more of a neighborhood, family feel. There were some good vendors last year so I would say it is worth the hour and a half it takes to walk through.

3) Oakhurst Arts and Music Festival- Not one of my favorites, if we are being honest with each other. I attended about 3 years ago and was disappointed. From an arts perspective, there are not that many vendors. From a community event perspective, it is a little better. May be a good choice if you have kids, as I remember them having a whole children's area.

4) Taste of Atlanta- This one is always a crowd pleaser. For the past 2 years it has been at Atlantic Station. I had a nice time last year (though I am a bad judge, as I couldn't eat 75% of what was offered). It is a little pricey. You can buy tickets online (or a several stores in Atlanta like Cook's Warehouse) or at the event. I suggest getting tickets ahead of time because the lines are out of control.

5) Howl-O-Weenie 2008- This annual dachshund festival is taking place in Cabbage town this year. Come out to see the dachshund costume contest, several races and face-kissing contest (I don't make these things up, folks). I would like to say that DI is throwing our suppo
rt behind Katie (see pic) and wish her best of luck in the costume contest (going as a chicken nugget) and the race.

Happy Festival-ing!


Lauren said...

An hour and a half for the Brookhaven festival? Gosh that seems like a lot... Maybe not...

Schedule me for a guest article perhaps late spring about upcoming events and proper footwear!

Glue&Glitter said...

Oh yay! Come by and say hey when you hit up Candler Park! SuperCute! is in booth #23. :)