Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm an Elitist

A few months ago, I was intrigued by my friend, B.'s constant remarks of how he was "yelping" about this restaurant or that restaurant. He did it so often, that I finally signed up for a Yelp account of my own. I had one original goal: to post more reviews than B. While that hasn't happened yet (B. didn't even know about this competition!), I did become somewhat of a Yelp addict.

And then, as if they sensed my addiction and wanted to enable it, I was invited by Yelp to become part of their Yelp Elite Squad! Yelp describes this bevy of critics as, "...a way of recognizing the most passionate yelpers that makes our community so funny, useful and cool! Yelp Elites get a nifty annual badge on their Yelp profiles, and have the opportunity to get invited to exclusive local events and parties hosted by Yelp, where you can meet fellow yelpers."

Last Tuesday, Yelp hosted a party for members of their Elite squad (and their plus ones) at Woodfire Grill. Since I was eager to try it out now that Michael Touhy has moved back to California, I was thrilled at the choice of locale.

C-Dub was the plus one of crazy eyes on the left

Wow, wow, wow. It was so good.

smoked trout and apple profitertole with Georgia caviar

grilled culotte with Vietnamese herbs, pickled vegetables, and chili sauce

in the front: pate de campagne with grilled bread, spicy mustard, and watermelon pickles
in the back: foie gras mouse on pecan raisin toast

corn meal fried sweet pepper stuffed with cheese grits

blackberry bramble made of plymouth gin, fresh muddled blackberry, fresh lime juice,
and imported crème de cassis to wash it all down

In addition to the great food and drinks, there was a little photo booth were Yelpers could take pictures that represent the Seven Deadly Sins, to be included in an exhibition of the same name at the Granite Room during Atlanta Celebrates Photography.

Can you guess the sin we represent?


B said...

HA! I had no idea I was in the middle of a contest, I guess I need to ramp up my yelping :) Love your photo booth shot!

Don said...

The sin is gluttony.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, dad, it's lust. Check out your daughter's eyes!