Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Atlanta Web Party- Friday Night

Check this out- Friday night (Dec 26) is the 1st annual Unwrapped Atlanta Web Party at Vinyl @ the CW Music Complex in Midtown. This event should be a lot of fun, as it is a chance to meet and hang out with local bloggers, designers, developers, and Facebook junkies.

Beyond being a fun thing to do on a Friday night following Christmas, the event supports a great cause- One Laptop Per Child. Their goal is to help create educational opportunities for the world’s poorest children by providing each child with a rugged, low-cost, low-power, connected laptop with content and software designed for collaborative and self-empowered learning. I saw a story about the company on 60 Minutes (yes, I do watch 60 Minutes occasionally) and it truly is a fantastic company.

Click here for the Unwrapped website for detailed information including driving directions.

And make sure you stop by and say hi to GrabMol and me- we are sponsors!

Happy Holidays!!!!

We just want to take this time to thank everyone for their amazing support, kind enthusiasm and of course, snarky comments. Hope you have a wonderful holiday (Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Years, Chinese New Years, Shabe Yalda, Winter Solstice, etc....)

Thank You!!!

Oh, and if you need a great e-card, (or bored and want a laugh) check out this site....
someecards.com- these are awesome.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ooh! 20% off at Kiehls!

Check this out- save 20% on all your purchases in- store and online. Kiehls makes amazing products for everyone (even pets). My favorites are their ultra rich moisturizing cream and pineapple face scrub (I can't live without this scrub).

Use the code FAMILY when you checkout (both in store and online)

In Atlanta, they have a brick-and-mortar store in Lenox Square Mall (right by Mark Shale and David Yurman- I was born with map of all malls imprinted in my DNA).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

30% off Shop Bop

Now through Wednesday, you can save 30% on all regularly priced items at ShopBop.com.
LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. I feel that it is one of the most comprehensive shopping sites out there; in brands, type of clothes, trends, and style.
My top picks right now are their jewelry. I think these pieces would make fab gifts, and who doesn't want to save a little when they spend?

Use the code HOLIDAYLOVE when you check out.

Love this wrap bracelet- And this ring-

And this bracelet too:Link

La Perla- Crazy Sale at Saks!

For those of you who love La Perla, heads up that they are having an AMAZING sale right now at the Saks at Phipps Plaza.

I spoke with Sak's La Perla rep and she said that the prices now are even below cost (which is nuts). I got several beautiful items for less than you would pay at Gap Body or Victoria's Secret. As in, items marked down from $350 (who spends THAT much?) to $50. I would go ASAP as their selection is dwindling.

They also have some other great brands on sale like Wolford and Natori. But why buy those when you can have La Perla!?!?!

On the 3rd floor of Saks Fifth Avenue, Phipps Plaza.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Top Chef ketchup

I'm finally caught up with this season of Top Chef. Normally, I'd be all over this but, for some reason, I'd totally missed each episode up until now.

I'm not completely on the edge of my seat this season. I guess I'm rooting for Jamie and Stefan. Speaking of Stefan, why does everyone hate him so much? He doesn't seem like such a bad guy. Plus! He gives Jamie fun little gifts. So he can't be all that bad, right?

And what is with Rocco DiSpirito appearing on every slightly cooking related reality show? Go away, Rocco. And while you're at it, Top Chef execs, please bring back Anthony Bourdain. He makes the show infinitely more entertaining.

Not naming names but

...methinks a certain restaurant group could use a website revamping.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kelly's Closet Annual Holiday Party is TONIGHT

I just got this information about Kelly's Closet's holiday party. I love this store and would highly suggest checking this out on your way home tonight. Kelly's Closet is a great place to find a fab and fun party dress for an upcoming holiday event! You can never have too many dresses.

This party is always a fun time and a great opportunity to get a good deal on something you have had your eye on in the boutique. This year will certainly not disappoint! We are serving up cocktails, appetizers and yummy chocolate fondue courtesy of the Melting Pot as well as special savings. During the event you can save 40% on any one, regularly priced boutique item or an additional 20% off any one, sale item. Plus you can combine these deals to get something for you and the special someone on your shopping list. Please stop by and have a cup of cheer with us!

The Event is from 6pm-9pm

Monday, December 8, 2008

Grower Champagne Dinner at The National

If you know me in the very slightest, you know of my obsession with sparkling wines. So when I dined at The National in Athens recently, I was excited to see that they are having a Grower Champagne Dinner.

A terrible iPhone pic of a dinner I had at The National.
Please note my glass of prosecco to the left!

"Grower Champagne Dinner
Wednesday, December 10, 7:00pm
at The National
$95 per person

oyster soup with fideos and saffron
Pierre Peters, blanc de blancs, grand cru, Mesnil

salmon "slider" with avocado, fennel,
roasted tomato-mayo and romaine
Alain Soutiran, perle noir, blanc de noir, grand cru, Ambonnay

fried Cornish game hen, chopped watercress,
caramelized onions and apricot aioli
Gaston Chiquet, tradition, 45% meunier, 35% chardonnay,
20% pinot noir, premier cru, Hautvillers

braised pork shoulder, crispy prosciutto and sofrito
Aubry, rosé brut, 60% chardonnay, 40% pinot noir
and meunier, premier cru, Jouy les Reims

French cheeses with toasts, lavender-honey and almonds
Jean Milan, tendresse, blanc de blancs, sec, grand cru, Oger"

What is Grower Champagne, you ask? Here is a site with more information on Grower Champagne and an excerpt from that site is below:

"The biggest problem in Champagne is that there are 15,000 growers in the region who do not make their own wine. If more growers produced their own wines instead of selling their grapes to the houses and cooperatives, the power of the houses would diminish and quality would rise due to competition. But it’s very easy for the growers to sell their grapes to the houses and so the majority of the growers choose this route."

The National
232 W Hancock Ave
Athens, GA 30601

By the way, my other obsession is taking pics in the mirrors of restaurant bathrooms. Please to behold the picture I took at The National.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

What to Wear? Michelle Obama's Inaguration Gown

I have to admit that I love Michelle Obama. She is the epitome of intelligence, grace and style. I was excited to read that tons of designers are clamoring for the chance to design her inauguration ball gown. Click here for a slide show of some of the submissions she has received so far courtesy of WWD. They also a slide show of dresses for Malia and Sasha Obama- I love the cute little coats!
I have to say that my favorite 2 are by Monique Lhuillier (#2 in slide show and red dress below) and Diane Von Furstenberg (#8 in slide show and white dress below).
No matter what she chooses, she will be stunning.

Madonna for Louis Vuitton!

I am really excited that Madonna is going to be in the new campaign for Louis Vuitton- it is going to be amazing. Apparently this idea was randomly blurted out by Marc Jacobs during a meet and he texted Madonna to see if she would consider. According to reports, in less than 5 minutes, she wrote back "I'd love to." How cool would it be to get a text from MJ!!!
Click here to read the article in today's Women's Wear Daily.

Ugg.. I LOVE these pics! Word is that the campaign will have a very Parisian theme. I can't decide which I want more, the shoes or that bag. I'm thinking shoes...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun Tiffany Event-who doesn't love a blue box?

Before heading over to the DI/Urban Cottage Event on Saturday, check out Tiffany at Phipps mall for some fun-

Nothing says luxury during the holidays like a gift wrapped in Tiffany blue, and while you search for holiday gifts, Tiffany & Co. is providing options to help along the way.

This Saturday, Dec. 6, Tiffany & Co. Phipps Plaza will host a Holiday Open House, offering customers complimentary machine engraving (for up to three letters), and providing treats such as Tiffany blue candy canes and pettifours for anyone who browses through the Atlanta store. From Dec. 3 – 7, Tiffany is offering complimentary ground shipping on new purchases in all U.S. stores, including Atlanta's location in Phipps Plaza.

And of course, Tiffany & Co. can help customers select the perfect gift – right in their price range – by showcasing gifts at various price points throughout the store.

Why not...tay

This morning, I was in a HUGE rush to get to work. I completely overslept and it was not a pretty sight.

Bedhead, exhibit a.

On mornings like these, coffee is particularly important. But I can't just run out and grab it - I'm already late. And, generally, I am not a fan of prepackaged coffee drinks. They are usually too sweet and have too many calories for my taste.

Fortunately, Yenta Girl and I were lucky enough to be invited to try out Atlanta's own, Whynatte Latte a few weeks ago and it changed my perceptions of ready-to-drink coffee drinks.

the cans are pretty cool, right?

It isn't sickeningly sweet, it only has 100 calories a can, and it is sweetened with beet and cane sugar - no high fructose corn syrup for this latte!

The most interesting thing about the Whynatte is that it actually started as a mixer - like a Red Bull and vodka except not disgusting. I've been told that if you go to Front Page news and ask for a Whynatte, they'll know exactly what you want and serve up tasty, alcoholic and coffee beverage!

In fact, the Whynatte Latte is available at quite a few places around town like Alon's, Parish Market, Fox Bros BBQ, Danneman's Coffee Shop, with many more to follow. So, you can pick up a few cans and be ready for slow mornings like I had today. Or, just try it as a mixer. (There are a few recipes below for you at home bartender types.)

Check out their site for more info on the Whynatte Latte and for a complete list on where to pick up your own can to try.

And, if you want to try a can for free, cans of Whynatte Lattes will be included in the 50 gift bags at the Urban Cottage & Disposable Income event this Saturday. So be sure to get there early!!

Whynatte Recipes

Classic Whynatte
1 shot Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
6 oz Whynatte Latte
Pour 6 oz Whynatte Latte into a pint glass. Drop the shot of Jagermeister into the pint glass (shot glass and all) and pound.

Southern Espresso
2 oz espresso flavored vodka
2 oz Whynatte Latte
Pour vodka and Whynatte Latte over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass.

The Cunningham
1 oz vodka
1 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 splash Whynatte Latte
1 splash Coca-Cola®
Mix ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. Strain into a shot glass, and serve.

Slim Mint
1.5oz vanilla vodka,
.5oz Whynatte Latte
.5oz crème de coco
.5 oz light crème de menthe
Pour ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice, and shake until completely cold. Strain into a chilled, stemmed or rocks glass filled with ice.

Vanilla Ice
2 oz vanilla vodka
2 oz Whynatte Latte
Pour vodka and Whynatte Latte over ice cubes in an old-fashioned glass.

Nutty Latte
.5 oz Frangelico hazelnut liqueur
.5 oz raspberry vodka
2 oz Whynatte Latte
Pour ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice, and shake until completely cold. Strain into a chilled, stemmed or rocks glass filled with ice.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We love our Google Map- Check it out!

In case you never noticed the Google Map link on the right side of our page, I highly recommend checking it out. This map has all the locations we have blogged about plus others that we think are great spots. All stores are in pink and all restaurants are in purple. It is a great way to see what stores/restaurants are in a particular area of Atlanta. Use it to plan your holiday shopping!

Let us know if you have a spot we should add to the map.

Countdown to Urban Cottage + DI Event!!!

Only 4 days until the Urban Cottage and Disposable Income Event! We are so excited if you couldn't tell.

Last night we went over to Urban Cottage and picked out our favorite things. On Saturday, you can check out what we love and get a discount on those items. I already ended up buying an amazing long cotton sweater coat (and trust me, there are at least 10 other things that I am going to get on Saturday).

The store is all decorated for the holidays and looks so great (this coming from someone who doesn't even celebrate Christmas).

We are also gearing up for the gift bags for the first 50 people. Each day we keep getting more items added to the bags. Some of the highlights include gift cards provided by Fifth Group Restaurants, a CD, and Whynatte Latte samples (A dedicated post with more info on Whynatte Latte is to come - but we LOVE them).

Make sure you bring all your friends. There will be yummy snacks from Aurora Coffee, Woodfire Grill, Bella Cucina and more.

Saturday, Dec. 6 from 6pm-??
See you there!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Drink Coffee and Give Back (Plus a DI Giveaway!)

Unless you've been living under a rock, you are probably well aware of the (RED) campaign. (If happen not to know, (RED)'s primary objective is to engage the private sector in raising awareness and money for the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.)

Now Starbucks is joining companies such as GAP, Apple, and Hallmark to help the Global Fund fight AIDS in Africa through some exciting initiatives:

Today Starbucks will donate $.05 from every beverage purchased at participating stores nationally.

Here in Atlanta, Starbucks is having their (RED) event at the Dunwoody Village store (5561 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338) from 2-4 p.m. today with giveaways, free samples and an opportunity to learn more about Starbucks partnership with (RED).

And, from now until Friday, January 2nd, if you purchase any Starbucks RED Exclusive beverage - Espresso Truffle, Peppermint Mocha Twist or Gingersnap Latte - Starbucks will donate $.05 to The Global Fund to help save lives in Africa. (For more information, visit joinred.com.)

To celebrate their partnership with (RED), Starbucks is giving Disposable Income readers the opportunity to win their new Starbucks Gold card (more info about that card is below) or one of their new espresso drinks (Espresso Truffle, Peppermint Mocha Twist or Gingersnap Latte).

So, I'm making this really easy on you guys. The first five people who write me at Disposable Income and can correctly tell me
when and where the first ever Disposable Income event is (hint: scroll down) will when either the new Starbucks Gold Card (the first 2 people to correctly answer) or a free espresso drink (the next 3 people to correctly answer).

Starbucks Gold, Starbucks new membership program, is a card for people who visit Starbucks so frequently, the baristas can guess their order before they place it. The annual membership fee is $25 and, in return, members receive 10 percent off on most purchases at participating Starbucks – from espresso beverages to espresso machines. And after registering at StarbucksGold.com, members will receive:

* Complimentary beverage on one’s birthday
* Exclusive offers and discounts
* Free Wi-Fi access for 2 hours each day
* Members-only website

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday

Well, it is almost that time again. I personally was never one to get up early to go shop, but I do love going to the mall (at a reasonable hour) to shop on Black Friday, there is just something fun about it for me. I do know that many people rather gouge their eyes out with a stiletto than go to the mall on the busiest shopping day of the year, but not me.

As you may have noticed if you have watched the news in, oh I don't know, the last 3 months, the economy is, well, not in a great place. As a result, store are offering even deeper discounts this holiday season and I encourage everyone to take advantage! Think of it as your duty as an American. Below are 2 sites that have details on store hours and discount for Black Friday. Sadly, they don't include any of my favorite stores, but none the less, still a good resource. I am also a big fan of shopping the day after Christmas. Saks, Neiman's usually have great sales on Dec. 26.

Don't forget that some of the best deals online can be found the Monday after Thanksgiving, now being called "Cyber Monday". Not sure if it has the same ring. Make sure you check out your favorite websites on Monday to see what kind of deals you can find. Feel free to post in the comments section any good deals that you know of!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Disposable Income + Urban Cottage Event!!!!!!!

We are SO excited that we are having out FIRST EVER Disposable Income event.

We are pairing with one of our favorite stores, Urban Cottage for an amazing shopping event.
From Sat Dec. 6 from 6-10 PM we will be having drinks and food from local restaurants, coffee from Aurora, music, free gift bags (first 50 people- trust me they are amazing and have awesome stuff. I really want one!), plus there will be Tarot card readings, and Breathless Paper will be on hand. AND you will see our DI picks for top holiday gifts with special pricing for DI readers! (I think that could be my favorite part)
Please pass this on to everyone you know! More details to follow...
See you there!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Angel Blowout- Holiday Shopping Event

This weekend is the 15th (and last) Big Angel Blowout. Each year, the Inman Park gallery, Whitespace has hosted this holiday shopping event. I have never attended and am excited to go this year. The event features all kinds of local artists and is a great place to find amazing gifts and support local artists. It starts tonight and goes through Sunday.

Whitespace Gallery
814 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta 30307
Nov. 20-23

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sweetgrass Spa- Appreciation Day Today!

Check this out- if you have time this afternoon/ evening- check out Sweetgrass Spa in L5P for some really great deals on services and FREE stuff today only until 7pm!

- 20% off ALL Services
-20% off ALL Aveda Products
- 15% off Gift Certificate Purchases
- Free Bang Trim
- Free Chair Massage
- Free Hand Massage
- Free Make-up Application

Click on the image below for Sweetgrass's website and location details. Enjoy!
(Thanks Carla K. for pointing this great deal out!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

ICE Show this weekend- Sat. Nov 15

I highly recommend checking out the Indie Craft Experience (ICE) show this weekend.

It is a collection of crafters from around the southeast who come together to sell their homemade items. Here is a good description from Public Broadcasting Atlanta (I give credit where credit it due!).

You won’t find any macramé wall hangings at the Indie Craft Experience. Well, maybe you will, but chances are the person who made them find them as amusing as you do.

The Indie Craft Experience isn’t your grandmother’s kind of craft fair. The crafts at ICE might have a hipper edge or an ironic playfulness that one doesn’t usually associate with traditional crafts. They might incorporate vintage fabrics, goofy graphics, or re-purposed material into designs that feature skulls, superheroes, or robots; it’s punk rock played with needle and thread.

It’s not just the crafts on sale that set ICE apart.Co-founders Christy Petterson, Shannon Mulkey and Susan Voelker envisioned the Indie Craft Experience as more than just a craft market. It offers crafting workshops, vegan baked goods, and a clothing swap benefiting local charities. And what other craft fair has live bands?

If you go, make sure you stop by Concrete Lace's booth (#35)- that is our friend Katie K.! We love her hand- letterpressed postcards!

Saturday, November 15, 11-6 p.m.
Admission $5 (proceeds go to Hagar House and Handmade Nation)

Located at 585 Wells St. SW * Atlanta, GA 30312 (check out the website for more details)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sales Sales Sales!

Now that the economy is not doing so hot (understatement of the year), retailers are feeling the pinch and are offer lots of sales. Now is a great time to shop if you have income to blow (or just feel like doing your part to stimulate the economy).
This is one reason why I choose to tie up my assets in shoes :)
Check some of these deals out:


Kate Spade: I recommend checking out the shoe selection.

Shop Bop:

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fun Shopping Event- Shop and help others at the same time!

Join Nest Atlanta for a girls night out and Holiday Stroll Friday November 21st from 6-10pm

Loction- “The corner” of Virginia and North Highland Avenues. Enjoy coffee from Aurora and Sweet Treats from LuLu Blue and have your Tarot read by Madame Mandela!

Feel good about your purchases! A % will be donated to Nest Atlanta whose vision is to assist women in developing countries begin or maintain an art or craft based business using microfinance loans. www.buildanest.org

If you don't know much about mircoloans or microfinancing, check out the above website for Nest or go to http://www.kiva.org

Begins at 6pm at Urban Cottage
Wine & hors d’oeuvres
will be served throughout the stroll.

participating boutiques:
Urban Cottage
Bella Cucina
Mitzi & Romano
Mitz’s Shoebox
Eco Bella
Denise Disharoon
Coleccion Luna & Dialogue
Concrete Lace

Come on out!- Friday November 21st from 6-10pm

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A peek at Taqueria del Sol in Athens

I was in Athens this weekend and stopped by The Grit for brunch this morning. On the way over we passed by the newest Taqueria del Sol that looks to be opening soon in Athens.

If only they had thought to build this Taqueria four years earlier when I lived on Childs Street. Instead, there was just an old car repair shop that hadn't been repairing cars in years.

The new TDS is at the corner of Prince and Childs Streets,
just up the street from The Grit!

Dang, man! I'm totally jealous.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Krafty Crafters at Kraftwork!

I stopped into Young Blood Gallery last night to visit two talented and crafty ladies, Lori and Becky, at Kraftwork, a monthly indie craft market. Not only were Lori & Becky's booths filled with delightful handmade finds but the rest of the booths were filled with fun stuff, too. Plus, you can't beat $2 bottles of Stella unless you were drinking a six-pack on your couch!

Here are some pictures from the night:

the kraftwork market!

felted owl ornaments by glue & glitter

more owls plus aprons by
glue & glitter

awesome note cards by loriming

jewelry from the fireball collective

If you didn't make it out to this show, don't miss it next month!

The first Thursday of every month from 7-10 p.m
Young Blood Gallery & Boutique
636 N. Highland Ave

Atlanta, GA 30306
More details here

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who doesn't want to ride dirty?!

...especially when riding dirty means that you challenge some of the best Atlanta restaurants to compete for the tastiest wine and food pairings under $25.

This is what makes the man behind the blog, Dirty South Wine, brilliant and the rest of us mere food mortals. Check it out:

"Dirty South Wine, Atlanta’s top wine blog, has announced
the 2008 “Riding Dirty” Atlanta Wine Pairing Challenge. Fifteen of Atlanta’s top
restaurants will prepare a wine and food pairing to be served at their bar for
under $25. The goal of the challenge is to showcase the restaurant’s skill and
creativity in wine pairing, while presenting incredible, affordable combinations for
the Atlanta dining public.

Restaurants must choose a glass of wine from their current list of by-the-glass
wines, and the food may be either a small plate or appetizer from their standard
menu. The pairings will be served to the judges at the participating restaurants
and will be evaluated based on three criteria: taste, creativity and value.

The judges are:
1. Matt Richardson (aka Rowdy Food)
2. Broderick Smylie (ATL photographer http://broderickphoto.wordpress.com/)
3. Hardy Wallace (publisher of www.dirtysouthwine.com).

All pairings will be chronicled and written up on Dirty South Wine. At the end of
the challenge, an overall winner will be named, and the 2008 “Riding Dirty” award
presented. Along with the overall winner, several subcategories will be
announced as well.

The following Atlanta restaurants have agreed to participate:
Holeman & Finch
Woodfire Grill
La Tavola
ONE. Midtown kitchen
And the ISAW charity (International Society of Africans in Wine)

The tastings will occur throughout the month of November, and winners
announced on December 3, 2008. Progress in the “Riding Dirty” Challenge can
be followed at www.dirtysouthwine.com, and updates and news can be followed
on Twitter under #dty (for Dirty)."

Snaps, people! I am drooling over this restaurant list. Why didn't I think of this first, damnit?!

If you want to participate, twitter your thoughts with a #dty tag. (My first tweet will either be, "drool #dty" or "completely jealous #dty" - maybe both.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Yenta Girl Meets Christian Louboutin!

My life is now complete, I met my shoe idol.

Myself and about 100 or so Buckhead-Betty types (which I may or may not be one of now that I moved) battled the rain to have a chance to meet Christian Louboutin at Jeffrey Atlanta.

I arrived an hour early, not knowing what the crowd would be like. Well, there weren't that many people at noon and a line wasn't forming at this point, so I did a little window shopping and got some tea. When I went about 50 minutes later, there still wasn't a line, but it was much more crowded. They were passing out champagne, which is always a plus in my book. After a few minutes of trying to look busy and preoccupied, I struck of a conversation with a girl that had on the most AMAZING pair of Louboutin's- bright pink satin with a giant bow and 5 inch heals. They really were breathtaking. We started comparing shoes (I had on my pair of CL's- peep-toe midnight blue patterned with 5 inch heals) and talking about how much we love his Spring line.

When it approached 1pm, we all made our way into a line (of course myself and Ms. Pink Shoes made sure we were in the front).

I must say that Christian Louboutain was the face of "cool". He looks so effortlessly chic, with faded jeans, a houndstooth blazer and green Converses (at least that is what I think they were).

I had brought with me an article from this month's issue of InStyle that featured an article all about him for Christian to sign (as I was NOT in the market to buy a new pair of his $800 shoes). If you haven't seen the article, I highly recommend it. It talks about him (of course) and gives you a beautiful tour of his home in France (October issue).

After about 20 minutes it was finally my turn to approach the table where he was signing (see photo from my phone- yes it was stanchioned off like he was a rockstar). Turns out he is so unassuming, warm and charismatics. He took the time to show me some of the highlights of the article and when I pointed out that I loved one of his end tables (it looks like a little boar- don't ask, it is odd and quirky, but really cool) he laughed and said that he loved that table as well.

What impressed me the most is that he took the time to talk to me and instead of just signing his name on my page (which I was expecting him to do- and would have been more than happy with), he actually drew a little picture and a note next to the boar photo and singed his name. Not only did he draw a picture, but he colored it in and decorated it. I could see from the line that he decorated everything he signed, including shoes.

It really was a great experience, one that I will never forget. Now I just need to go buy a frame.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Parish Market with Babs

My friend Jim (who prefers to be called by his internet handle, Babs) has a knack for giving critiques. It's a gift, really. A gift that I am frequently honored by receiving, particularly when it comes to this blog. Who else would tell me when Yenta Girl has been posting more than me and I better get at it? And no one but Babs would tell me that my restaurant entries are a little soft and I need to be more demanding in my assessments.

So, in light of his paramount taste, I offered him the chance (of a lifetime) to give a guest review. He finally took me up on this offer when we went to Parish Market on Friday. (I've written about Parish Restaurant in the past. Parish Market is located just downstairs of the restaurant.)

the market

Here are Jim's thoughts that he emailed me later that same afternoon:

"So I suppose when you order a Meatloaf Sandwich, you are not expecting
something delicate. What you are expecting is something meaty, savory,
heavy and probably a little bit greasy. Particularly if said sandwich also
has bacon and cheddar on it.

In that way, I was satisfied. It was not the biggest sandwich I have ever
eaten. But, 4 hours later, I am still pretty much stuffed. That's good,

The taste? Above average - hitting all the spots you'd expect - a little
spice, a little smoke (bacon) and a lot of meat. Good half-pickle.

I also ordered the "tea of the day" which was not tea as much as it was a

Molly tried my sandwich and drink. She may have a different report. I was
not offered any of hers.

The environs are nice in an art-directed sort of way. I suppose you could
buy a candle or a card of a coffee table book if you wanted to. Molly and I
ate at the communal table and I have to assume that ours was the most
interesting conversation going on. Laid back crowd of the kind of people
who want to eat a $10 sandwich in Inman Park on a rainy Friday.

the eat'n space

I debated getting the shrimp po' boy, which I have had before. I'd probably
get that next time.

Oh yeah, and it ain't cheap. I netted out at more than 13 bucks, chips,
sandwich and drink, pre-tip."

The sandwich that I did not offer Jim was pretty awesome.

It was a seared chicken breast topped with creole spiced cabbage slaw and sliced green tomato. It is simple but so good. I wouldn't call it a light sandwich considering that the bun is toasted with butter. But, it certainly isn't as heavy as the meatloaf sandwich, if that is too much for you.

In lieu of my regular standby, Diet Coke, I had a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice.

Mmm...tastes like old times

Parish Market also offers some grab and go salads, breakfast items, desserts, and a full espresso bar. I definitely recommend that you give it a try.

Parish Market
240 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good food for a good cause

The great thing about our city is that there always seems to be some delicious event going on where one can try amazing wines, mingle with talented local chefs, and eat unbelievably good food.

This coming Monday, October 27th, you can do all of the above all while helping out a great cause!

The Atlanta Community Food Bank's Atlanta's Table is holding one of their Simple Abundance Cooking Classes with Chef Tim Magee of Parish Foods & Goods at the midtown location of The Cook's Warehouse.

"The Creole and Cajun cuisines that blend delicious French, Spanish, French Caribbean and African flavors is what New Orleans food is all about. Chef Magee brings his high level of commitment and passion to New Orleans style cooking to Simple Abundance with a menu of Sunflower salad with Bibb lettuce, sunchokes and baby corn vinaigrette; Andouille crusted catfish with julienne vegetables, chive aoli and crystal butter; and Pecan-peach bread pudding with caramel anglaise. Evening includes wine tastings sponsored by National Distributor's and a chance to win tasty door prizes provided by Atlanta Beverage, Bella Cucina Artful Foods, Cabot Cheese and Via Elisa Authentic Fresh Pasta."

The cost is only $50 and 100% of the proceeds will go to Atlanta's Table to feed the hungry using perishable food from the local hospitality industry. (Click here for more info on Atlanta's Table.)

This is an incredible deal for an incredible cause. Please consider attending!

Simple Abundance Cooking Class benefiting Atlanta's Table
Monday, October 27, 7pm to 9pm
Chef Tim Magee of Parish Foods & Goods
The Cook's Warehouse - Midtown
549-1 Amsterdam Avenue
Atlanta GA 30306
($50, Demonstration & Tasting)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Taking The Original El Taco for a spin

Yenta Girl and I were thrilled to be invited to one of the preview nights at Shaun Doty's and the Fifth Group Restaurants new partnership, The Original El Taco.

The Original El Taco occupies the space of The Fifth Group's Sala, which closed back in July. The decor of El Taco seemed more festive and casual than Sala was.

We had quite a wait before our table was ready. Luckily, we were able to grab some sangrias at the bar. While we were there, one of the bartenders spun a big wheel on the wall behind the bar. If the number it landed on corresponded to the number on the token you were given on the way in, you got something free. And what do you know? I was a winner!

oh yeah - free tequila for me

The spinner was fun that night but I'm not sure how well it would work on a regular basis. (And, I'm not even sure if it is a regular thing. I could be wrong.)

I think due to the crowd of the preview night, Yenta Girl and I had to be seated with another couple - the delightful owners of the San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company. Unfortunately, I was too self conscious to take as many pictures I would have liked of the food. I quickly snapped what I could so as not to ruin their dinner. So, I was unable to get (good) pictures of everything we had.

Taco Basket with a fried chicken taco, red chili steak taco, and a Mexican chorizo taco

The tacos were really good. They ran out of the talapia taco before we could try it. But, the fried chicken taco was a good substitute. The only thing that would have given these tacos an A+ would have been homemade corn tortillas. The flour ones were unremarkable.

There was a nice garnish bar for the tacos at the back of the restaurant. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of it until after I gobbled up my tacos. Next time, I'm hitting up the garnishes hardcore!

don't make my mistake - garnish away!

Chili Cheese Enchiladas - I have nothing to say about these because I didn't
order them. I was told they were good, though!

Items ordered that I didn't get a great picture of were the Durango "Truck Stop" Sliders (spicy BBQ chicken, chipotle mayo, and banana pepper pickles), Queso Royale (melted Mexican cheese with jalapenos and sides of Mexican chorizo, chili rajas, charred onions, and lime salted corn chips), and shrimp ceviche. I would definitely get the sliders and queso royale again. The shrimp ceviche wasn't my thing but, if you like ceviche, I wouldn't warn against it.

For dessert, we ordered the flan and the Mexican Coke Float. The float was Mexican because it was served with a giant Coke from Mexico, which contains real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.


Overall, I enjoyed my experience at El Taco. I want to go back and see what it is like on a regular night and maybe even try that talapia!

The Original El Taco
1186 N. Highland Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30306