Monday, October 27, 2008

Yenta Girl Meets Christian Louboutin!

My life is now complete, I met my shoe idol.

Myself and about 100 or so Buckhead-Betty types (which I may or may not be one of now that I moved) battled the rain to have a chance to meet Christian Louboutin at Jeffrey Atlanta.

I arrived an hour early, not knowing what the crowd would be like. Well, there weren't that many people at noon and a line wasn't forming at this point, so I did a little window shopping and got some tea. When I went about 50 minutes later, there still wasn't a line, but it was much more crowded. They were passing out champagne, which is always a plus in my book. After a few minutes of trying to look busy and preoccupied, I struck of a conversation with a girl that had on the most AMAZING pair of Louboutin's- bright pink satin with a giant bow and 5 inch heals. They really were breathtaking. We started comparing shoes (I had on my pair of CL's- peep-toe midnight blue patterned with 5 inch heals) and talking about how much we love his Spring line.

When it approached 1pm, we all made our way into a line (of course myself and Ms. Pink Shoes made sure we were in the front).

I must say that Christian Louboutain was the face of "cool". He looks so effortlessly chic, with faded jeans, a houndstooth blazer and green Converses (at least that is what I think they were).

I had brought with me an article from this month's issue of InStyle that featured an article all about him for Christian to sign (as I was NOT in the market to buy a new pair of his $800 shoes). If you haven't seen the article, I highly recommend it. It talks about him (of course) and gives you a beautiful tour of his home in France (October issue).

After about 20 minutes it was finally my turn to approach the table where he was signing (see photo from my phone- yes it was stanchioned off like he was a rockstar). Turns out he is so unassuming, warm and charismatics. He took the time to show me some of the highlights of the article and when I pointed out that I loved one of his end tables (it looks like a little boar- don't ask, it is odd and quirky, but really cool) he laughed and said that he loved that table as well.

What impressed me the most is that he took the time to talk to me and instead of just signing his name on my page (which I was expecting him to do- and would have been more than happy with), he actually drew a little picture and a note next to the boar photo and singed his name. Not only did he draw a picture, but he colored it in and decorated it. I could see from the line that he decorated everything he signed, including shoes.

It really was a great experience, one that I will never forget. Now I just need to go buy a frame.


Donkey said...

I am soooooooooooooooo jealous!

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog, its great!