Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things I want- Love in a Nutshell Necklace

OK, this is adorable. I really liked this little acorn necklace, but when I learned that it unscrews and there is a little heart inside, I now love it. There really isn't much to say, except this would make a really great, unique gift.
This website, Giving Tree, has a lot of great jewelry, especially their selection of Me and Ro. I would highly recommend checking them out.

Right now there is a promotion through (a new shopping website that is gaining legs). I really haven't done much research on StoreAdore, but it looks like they are doing reviews of different stores in LA, NYC, DC, Philly etc- but no Atlanta so far. They also are a good source for web deals, which is where I found this promotion. The website that feature this necklace it called Giving Tree. Enter code "begreen" for 20% discount on green jewelry (yes, this acorn necklace counts- I am not really sure what is "green" about it- acorns grow on trees and trees are green???) and code "storeadore" for the 15% discount on the rest of the website.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project E Sample Sale- @ Fab'rik

As the title suggest fab'rik is having a sample sale this weekend for Project E. This brand makes distressed tees and polos and really hit its prime (in my opinion) about 2 years ago. They have recently branched off into dresses and more interesting tops- from the looks of more current seasons, they must have moved away from everything being so distressed. I was never a giant fan of their polos. I have several, but don't wear them that often. Project E is one of those brands that I would never ever pay full price for, but would gladly pick up when on sale. As it turns out, this weekend is one of those times. Fab'rik will be selling lots of style for both men and women for up to 70% off (prices between $10-$40).

Fab'rik is also a great place to buy a "going out outfit". If you are suddenly invited to a party, bachelorette outing, date and need something fun for a night, this is the place to go. Their prices are wonderful and they always have great items on the sale rack. Everytime I wear something from Fab'rik, I get complemented on it. My absolute favorite maxi dress is from there.
My only gripe is that it is often hard to find small sizes. Since they only buy a few of each item (which is great since you won't see lots of people with the same outfit), they usually run out of small sizes quickly. The ladies there say that they will order whatever size you needs, but I am def too impatient for that. Fab'rik has several locations, but I have only shopped at the midtown store.

1114 W. Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

The "It" Jacket for Fall (well, according to me)

With all the summer sales going on and the influx of great new Fall fashions, now is a really prime time to shop (or hard time to hold on to your disposable income). As someone who is trying hard to stay on a shopping diet- this Young Fabulous and Broke leather jacket has really temped me. It is going to be the one jacket/outwear I buy for this fall/winter season (stop laughing, LDX and KF, I'm going to try).
The lambskin leather is just perfect. It is the kind of jacket you can dress up to down. I plan on wearing to work all the time with a great pair of jeans and also with a poofy skirt (a la Anne Hathaway- see pic). The inside is lined so it is super soft.

They are currently totally sold out online (Saks) and in all the stores, but I did speak to a SA and she said they are getting a new shipment in on Aug. 15. I would call Saks 1.877.551.SAKS (7257) or just call the Atlanta Store directly to get on the wait list. I tried tracking it down on other sites, but no one is carrying it yet (maybe because it is only 95 degrees outside and in the middle of summer???).

PS- the price is really reasonable for what it is. If you haven't heard of Young Fabulous and Broke, they are a great line. Really cool tanks and tees- they remind me of the Olsen twin's style. I hope that description didn't just turn all of you away.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Kool Korners is indeed closing

Earlier this month, I posted about this mysterious sign that I saw on Kool Korners:

After receiving an "anonymous" tip (really just an unsigned comment left on the blog) that Kool Korners has definitely closed, I did some investigative reporting and found this on Citysearch's profile for Kool Korners:

"I just got off the phone today 7/23/08 at 11:45 am with the owner, and he sadly told me that Kook Korners will be closed for good."

There are so many restaurants closing in Atlanta lately!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bone Garden Cantina, take-out

For several months now, C-Dub and I have been in a take-out rut on the weeknights. It usually goes like this:

"So...what do you want to have for dinner?"

"I don't know, what do you want?"

"Wait, I asked you first. What do you want?"

Once we get past that initial back and forth, the suggestions are one of four that we typically go to. (I'm not naming them; I don't need your judgment!)

Then, the other night, it occurred to me: "Why not get Bone Garden take-out for dinner?" We've been there once and that experience was a little lackluster. But, we live on the west side and aren't that far from it. Plus, it would liven up our little take-out rut. So, why not?

Annoyingly, Bone Garden still hasn't updated their website with their menu.

So, we had to rely on memory and this one picture I have of their menu:

We really liked their ceviche the first time around, so we ordered that. We also ordered a couple of their tamales - one chicken, one pork - along with a chicken sope, chicken tacos, and rice & beans.

Ceviche to the left, sope to the right


Chicken tamale train

I have to say, I really enjoyed Bone Garden's take-out. While you can't order one of their delicious drinks to-go, the food is pretty decent for take-out food. (I'm not quite as picky about my take-out food as I am with the food I order at a restaurant - even if it is from the same place. Does that make sense? Or does it just sound douchey?)

Plus, my dog enjoys it when I eat at home because that means she gets a special treat!

Don't let that chip get away, Katie!

I would definitely add Bone Garden Cantina to my list of regular take-out spots.

Bone Garden Cantina
1425 Ellsworth Industrial Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30318

Friday, July 25, 2008

Blog O' the Week!

Yenta Girl and I were pleased to discover that Atlanta Dish has dubbed Disposable Income as their blog of the week for this past week:


Is she think'n what I'm think'n? Read Yenta Girl and GrabMoL's thoughts on adventures in eating, retail therapy-ing and friendly musings on Disposable Income."

Aww, thanks Atlanta Dish! We think you're pretty swell, too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parish, revisted

The first time I went to Parish was about a month ago. C-Dub and met our buddy, Randy, there while we was on a dinner break from Dad's Garage. We got there right when they opened that evening and practically had the restaurant to ourselves. This, of course, meant that I was able to get many pictures of Parish's beautiful dining room.

Walking upstairs to the dining room

Look at how pretty!

I really enjoyed my dinner that night - the Georgia farm fresh vegetable plate. It probably would have been too salty for some but for me, the saltier the better!

Crispy eggplant, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, & green beans

Since my first visit, I've heard some rumbling complaints about the food and service at Parish. I know C-Dub was a little disappointed in his meal but our service was just fine that night - nothing to write home about but far from atrocious.

This past weekend, we hit up Parish again to celebrate the birthday of my friend, Julie. Our reservations were at 7pm on Friday and it was considerably more crowded.

C-Dub and I started out with a few appetizers before our meal. I got the Sunflower Salad, so named because it is styled after a sunflower. (I didn't see it.) C-Dub got the Crispy Oysters Rockefeller.

Does it look like a sunflower to you?

The salad was alright. It didn't blow my mind or anything but I did enjoy the crispy sunflower seeds sprinkled throughout.

crispy oysters

The crispy oysters were not so great. The breading was too heavy and did not stick to the oysters very well.

For dinner, I took the safe route and got the Georgia Farm Fresh vegetables again. The veggies were good but not as delicious as the last time I ordered it simply due to the difference in vegetables between the two visits. I just loved the sweet potatoes and swiss chard in the previous dish. The abundant tomatoes in the veggie plate this time just weren't doing it for me.

Veggie plate!

C-Dub was very disappointed in the Tuna Tournedos he ordered, as the tuna came cooked almost all the way through and not seared, as described. (I, however, loved the little skillet potatoes that the tuna topped. It was like having a little bit of brunch for dinner!) disappointment in your mouth!

The hands down winner of the night had to be Julie's Broiled Red Fish. (The bitch out-ordered me at her birthday dinner last year, too!) Wow, it was so good. The spice rub on the outside kind of reminded me of fried chicken - don't ask me why. Luckily for me, Julie is a lightweight and couldn't finish the dish - jackpot!

Does this picture make you drool too?

At the end of the night, our waiter (who was great, by the way) brought Julie a slice of Georgia Peach & Pecan Bread Pudding for her birthday. It seems like there is a pudding trend in restaurants now and I am loving it. Num, num, num, num, num! (That is the sound of me eating all the puddings you put in front of me.)

After a few glasses of sparkling Rose, I can only tell you that peach and pecan pudding was delicious but I can't go into the intricacies of that deliciousness.

Intricate deliciousness

I haven't written off Parish, yet - that Red Fish alone warrants another visit. And I still have to try the market in the basement!

Parish Market

Parish Restaurant
240 N. Highland Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30307

Lisa Brown- Major Denim Sale

For those of you who have not shopped at Lisa Brown Atlanta, you have been missing out. It is totally worth the trip OTP (it really is not that far, in Sandy Springs). She carries a bunch of great brands including Mike and Chris (I got an amazing dress by them last season), Hanky Panky, Shoshana, Hudson Denim, etc. What is also so great about her store is that everyone that works there is HELPFUL! I am so sick of boutiques having the most snobby sales associates (Umm Blue Genes!).

On the other spectrum are associates who lie to you just to make a sale (Intermix anyone???). I have never had a bad experience there and actually trust the opinions of the people who work there - so much so that I have had them pull items they think I may like. I have also met Lisa before and she is really a nice person- completely down to earth.

They are currently having a giant denim sale- 70% off all denim (except the brand new shipment). Since denim is basically season-less (unless you live in LA- which I thankfully don't... I would go broke) you can get away with buying last season's or even last year's style.

Check them out.

Lisa Brown
6301 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30328
(in the Trader Joe's shopping center)
Get Directions

Monday, July 21, 2008

Woodfire Grill - Farewell Dinner

If you haven't already heard, Chef Michael Tuohy is selling Woodfire Grill to head back to California.

According to an email I received today from the Atlanta chapter of the American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), Woodfire Grill will be having a farewell dinner for Michael Tuohy on Tuesday, August 12. Call the restaurant to make your reservations.

Woodfire Grill
1782 Cheshire Bridge Road
Atlanta, GA 30324

Souper Jenny and the Giant Cake

Now, I am NOT the resident foodie on this blog- I am actually the anti-foodie as I am both gluten and soy-free (imagine how much fun I must be on a date!). But I had to take this opportunity to rave about the gluten-free cake they are now selling at Souper Jenny. I will let the resident foodie blog about Souper Jenny more in detail another time, but for the un-indoctrinated, it is a soup, salad sandwich shop that sells fresh lunch- changing their menu each day depending on what is seasonal and available. They send the menu out each morning to their listserve.

So, today I decided to run and pick up lunch and a piece of the gluten free cake they mentioned on today's menu. Turns out that the cake is baked by a private baker, Mary Harrison. I tried looking her up online, but did not find her. HER CAKE IS AMAZING. The guy at Souper Jenny cut me a GIANT piece the size of my head, and as I type, I am almost done with it. It ia seriously the best cake I have every eaten- it's official name is Mary's Lemon Icebox Cake. Well Mary, I don't know who you are, but I love your cake. Even for those who can each regular, real-people cake, this one is delicious and I doubt you could tell it is gluten-free. I would have tested that theory if I didn't just eat the whole thing.

Souper Jenny
56 East Andrews Srive
Atlanta, GA 30305

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Restuarant Eugene - guest review

The first time I made plans to eat at Restuarant Eugene, I was so excited about it. Unfortunately, it really didn't live up to my expectations. I ordered their tasting of local vegetables, as it sounded incredibly enticing. When it arrived, however, I was a little disappointed in the incredibly beige and colorless plating. The dish was full of starches. In fact, there was a vegetable that was missing from the dish - I assumed they ran out - and they just doubled up on the mashed potatoes. At a place of Restaurant Eugene's caliber, I didn't understand why I hadn't been told that the dish wouldn't be served as described.

There were a few other shortcomings from that night that left me a little disheartened with my Restaurant Eugene experience.

After my initial visit at Restaurant Eugene, my dad went with some of his friends but did not enjoy his meal, "because the steak I ordered, which had been pre-sliced, had gristle in two of the four slices...which were plainly visible." He decided to give the restaurant another go on Friday evening and sent me his review.

"I expected greater things things this time, especially since we ran into Linton Hopkins on our short walk over from Holman & Finch, his other restaurant across the drive. He wished us good dining, and I expected the same.

Our hostess...ordered Georges Bank Sea Scallops [appetizer], which we all tasted and which were quite good.

Our entrees were...

  • Grilled Bigeye Tuna

  • Dayboat Maine Halibut

  • Sauteed Gulf Black Grouper

  • Tasting of Local Vegetables (me)
I think everyone enjoyed their meals very much...everyone but me, but that's all that counts when you're the one writing the review, right?

First of all, I wasn't blown away by the vegetables. When I eat vegetables, I want the kind I was raised on...the kind you get at Colonnade, Mary Mac's or Cracker Barrel. Spanish radish, green radicchio, grilled eggplant, pink eyed peas, summer squash, baby potatoes, pearl onions, cherry tomatoes and baby carrots, all served up together in a dish, are not my idea of local vegetables. Okay, I admit my tastes are pedestrian and were formed by my mother's...great southern cooking. When it comes to vegetables, I want them cooked - in bacon fat - within an inch of their lives. Example; green beans that haven't yelled "Calf rope!" from being cooked a couple of hours - in bacon fat - aren't worth eating. You can have your crisp green beans, that have been barely warmed over. That's not for me.

Second, I think Linton Hopkins is charging too much for what he serves. Check these prices out.
  • The tuna dish - $35
  • The halibut dish - $32
  • The grouper dish - $36
  • The vegetable dish - $24
  • The scallops appetizer - $15
I'm thinking these prices probably approach Aria's, and Aria's food definitely kicks Restaurant Eugene's ass (and most every other places' too).

There was a lot of wine consumed, and I didn't pay the tab, so I don't know what the final bill was. But, in my not-so-humble opinion, it was too much, based on the parts and their costs.

I think I would have been happier with a meal of souse and marrow at Holman & Finch across the driveway. I know I would have enjoyed a burger at Six Feet Under more. Or consider this; how about a meal at Five and Ten in Athens?

The big question is this: Will the Spruill, who has now registered two strikes at Restaurant Eugene, go back for a third strike? I don't think so!"

My dad and I differ in opinion on how we would like our vegetables prepared and I don't think it is the fault of the restaurant for his complaint there.

But, I do have to agree with the prices. As Besha Rodell once wrote in a review, "Am I the only person left in Atlanta who thinks $100 is a lot of money? Because it blows my mind how little $100 will get you at most Atlanta restaurants these days. And the fact that the diners keep coming, night after night, laying down enough money to pay a winter heating bill, is utterly astounding. Are we all really that rich? Where does it end?"

Restaurant Eugene
2277 Peachtree Road
Atlanta, GA 30309

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Pictures from my first time at APWBWGTTD.

My fellow bloggers

My dad's favorite burger at 6FU.
(Check out his ultimate burger list here.)

APWBWGTTD questions

Gratuitous restaurant ornamentation shot

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salsa Havana, revisted - still lame

When C-Dub used to live in East Atlanta, we would go to Salsa Havana, a Cuban restaurant at the corner of Ormewood and Moreland, pretty regularly. It wasn't that the food was amazing but it was decent enough to go on our list of regular eateries to hit up on a weeknight.

We got in the habit of grabing the same dish each time - a plate of three tacos. We also developed a little friendship with one of their waitresses and loved going in to see her.

But, once we moved to the westside, we stopped going there due to the distance and felt a little loss. As I said before, the food wasn't amazing but sometimes we just got in the mood for something familiar. So, we decided to try out their westside location on Howell Mill.

It was alright but not quite up to par with the other location. We really liked their BBQ pork taco in the East Atlanta restaurant. But, sometimes the pork taco on the westside was dry and not very tasty. Salsa Havana's name on our regular list began to wane. We would probably continue to go there every now and again had it not been for their owner, who scolded us on our last visit for asking to sit at a table by the window that had been cleared but not reset. Man, I never realized how difficult it was to put a sheet of paper on a table. But now I know better! I was so mad at his boorish behavior, I almost got up and left - I still wish we had. Once we left, we quickly decided not to go back.

But a year or so has passed and I just happened to be at the Publix located near that very restaurant we had banned. Since I was nearby and pretty hungry, I asked C-Dub to put in a to-go order. Fifteen minutes later, I grabbed the bag of tacos and drove home.

Thankfully, we haven't been missing out on much. The tacos were meh (Sidenote - have you ever started to use a word ironically only to find that it becomes a part of your regular vocabulary? This is where I am with "meh" and "totes". I totes can't stop using them!), as the rice seemed undercooked and the pork taco was dry and had no hint of barbqeque sauce on it.

I will happily continue to keep it on the list of banned restaurants. Why patronize a restaurant with a rude owner and mediocre food when I could go to the Taqueria Del Sol, a restaurant with tacos that never fail to please, right up the street?

Things I want- Alex Woo necklace

OK- I am totally crushing on these necklaces. I have seen them in various magazines, but saw it on a friend a few weeks ago and have wanted one since (credit goes to Cari). Alex Woo makes necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc., Tons of cute charms like little crowns, bows, clovers- but the little letter charms are what I am in love with (see pic). Beyond just getting 1 letter, you can also make words (kinda lame)- but I love using significant other initials with yours- ie- m&c or n&g. Check out the website to get ideas. I totally want one!

Gorgeous Wedding Invites @ Urban Cottage

So one of my favorite stores in the Highlands and a friend of mine teamed up to create absolutely beautiful and unique wedding invitations, save-the date cards, stationary, etc.

Matt Berinato is a designer who studied graphic design at SCAD and has worked in LA, New York City and is now a senior designer for TNT, TBS and TCM. I have seen some of the work he has done for other people and their invites have been beautiful. Everything can be customized and he has hundreds of unique ideas. Matt can help you with everything and has an amazing knowledge of design, paper, etc. and he is really passionate about everything he does.

His true expertise is type (fonts for all you Microsoft Word users). He has teamed up with Urban Cottage in the Highlands (Highland and Virginia- by Murphy’s), which is where you can meet, discuss and order all invites.

If you know anyone who needs invitations, I would seriously look into Matt Berinato- I think he is way more talented that most cookie-cutter designers and sure beats Swoozies, Papyrus, etc.

If you haven’t checked out Urban Cottage, you need to- It is an incredible space that sells everything for your home, gifts, clothes, jewelry etc. Everything is handpicked by the owners and is so well edited. I can’t go in there without buying something.
Think a cooler, hipper version of Anthropologie with lower prices. I just got a plate to hang in my kitchen with a little cow, pig and chicken- it is so cool, really kitschy and was ridiculously reasonably priced. They have a whole clothing/intimates/soaps/accessory area that I am in love with- I want to buy it all.

You can contact Urban Cottage to set up a time to chat with Matt.

Urban Cottage
998 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kool Korners - What does this mean?

Seriously...what does this mean?

Summer Sales- At Phipps

We are now at the end a sale season, which means lots of stores have been picked through, but it is also the best time to save. Most stores are trying to get the last of summer/spring out the door so you can get as much as 80% off at some amazing stores. Here are my top 3- feel free to add to the list (go ahead and post in comments).

1) Saks- All time favorite place to find shoes. I refuse to wear cheap shoes- not only are they bad for your feet, but they are an instant giveaway to a cheap outfit. You can wear a Hanes tee and an old pair of worn-in jeans, but if your shoes are rich and amazing- you will look like a million bucks (same goes for purses). I digress- Saks shoe department is the best place to find a great deal right now. Everything is half off the price marked- I found a great pair of Christian Louboutins for under $200 (yes, I did resist). Their selection is dwindling, so act fast. I saw a few fab pairs of Mui Mui and Jimmy Choo still there.
As for Contemporary- there are still a couple good finds. I did see a few tops that caught my eye. They also have a good selection of Marc by Marc Jacob and Juicy on sale.

2) Barney's Co Op- They still have a decent selection of tops and dresses on sale. I never think anything really goes on an amazing sale there. For the best deals, head to the back of the store. I did see a couple of great tanks that I had been keeping my eye on throughout the season.
Their shoes selection is pretty bare at this point. I also don't think that they are worth the $$- just walk over to Saks for a better selection and friendlier service. I think the sales reps at Co-Op are really hit or miss- I've been helped by a few that were really great, while others are just too cool for school- get over yourself! Its just Co-op!

3) Jeffrey's- I have to admit, I have never shopped their before, but I fell in love with an gorgeous pair of Prada high heal sandals (nude/pink with a 3.5 inch heal). Jeffrey's is having a great sale too- their prices rival Saks, but I think their selection is less-picked through. They are my pick for sale shoes this week. I would check them out- they have some great stuff still in stock in a variety of sizes. The only down- side is that all their sales are final (well, at least on sale items). Saks has a much better return policy. (They are located right by Saks and Intermix)

Enjoy!!! We didn't call this Disposable Income for nothing!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Meskerem - A First Taste

On Sunday evening, I met some friends for dinner at Meskerem for some Ethiopian food. Meskerem just happens to be right around the corner from my fav Ethiopian restaurant, Desta.

Meskerem is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant in style, as there are a few mesobs throughout the restaurant. You are also able to order your meal family-style, where all the orders are placed on one platter of enjera and each diner is able to try all the dishes. We decided to go with individual plates.

I chose to order my usual - the veggie combo.

Various wots and gomen

I'm just going to go ahead and put it out there - the veggie dish at Meskerem, while good, doesn't quite compare to Desta's veggie bliss. I'm not sure if I can put my finger on it exactly. I want to say that Desta's wots are a little creamier and not as thick as Meskerem. But, I can't decide if that is the whole story.

C-Dub branched out and got their Shrimp Wot.

Shrimp wot in the foreground, shrimp tibs in the background

C-Dub was a little disappointed with the size of the shrimp - he thought they were krill but I'm pretty sure krill are a lot smaller. I really enjoyed his dish. It was something different than what I've seen in other Ethiopian restaurants and I liked that the "shrimp" were on the smaller side. (I sometimes get a little skeeved when I eat shrimp. So, the smaller, the better!)

His dish came with two spicy condiments - one made out of jalapenos and the other was a red pepper sauce. The jalapeno sauce was the one that he - and pretty much everyone else at our table - loved and wished there was more of.

A bountiful basket of enjera

So, Meskerem was good. But my first visit there can't beat the reigning Ethiopian champ, Desta. It probably doesn't help that Meskerem is right around the corner from Desta. I mean, you can almost smell the fish tibs in the air.

Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant
2781 Clairmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30329