Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Project E Sample Sale- @ Fab'rik

As the title suggest fab'rik is having a sample sale this weekend for Project E. This brand makes distressed tees and polos and really hit its prime (in my opinion) about 2 years ago. They have recently branched off into dresses and more interesting tops- from the looks of more current seasons, they must have moved away from everything being so distressed. I was never a giant fan of their polos. I have several, but don't wear them that often. Project E is one of those brands that I would never ever pay full price for, but would gladly pick up when on sale. As it turns out, this weekend is one of those times. Fab'rik will be selling lots of style for both men and women for up to 70% off (prices between $10-$40).

Fab'rik is also a great place to buy a "going out outfit". If you are suddenly invited to a party, bachelorette outing, date and need something fun for a night, this is the place to go. Their prices are wonderful and they always have great items on the sale rack. Everytime I wear something from Fab'rik, I get complemented on it. My absolute favorite maxi dress is from there.
My only gripe is that it is often hard to find small sizes. Since they only buy a few of each item (which is great since you won't see lots of people with the same outfit), they usually run out of small sizes quickly. The ladies there say that they will order whatever size you needs, but I am def too impatient for that. Fab'rik has several locations, but I have only shopped at the midtown store.

1114 W. Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

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