Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The "It" Jacket for Fall (well, according to me)

With all the summer sales going on and the influx of great new Fall fashions, now is a really prime time to shop (or hard time to hold on to your disposable income). As someone who is trying hard to stay on a shopping diet- this Young Fabulous and Broke leather jacket has really temped me. It is going to be the one jacket/outwear I buy for this fall/winter season (stop laughing, LDX and KF, I'm going to try).
The lambskin leather is just perfect. It is the kind of jacket you can dress up to down. I plan on wearing to work all the time with a great pair of jeans and also with a poofy skirt (a la Anne Hathaway- see pic). The inside is lined so it is super soft.

They are currently totally sold out online (Saks) and in all the stores, but I did speak to a SA and she said they are getting a new shipment in on Aug. 15. I would call Saks 1.877.551.SAKS (7257) or just call the Atlanta Store directly to get on the wait list. I tried tracking it down on other sites, but no one is carrying it yet (maybe because it is only 95 degrees outside and in the middle of summer???).

PS- the price is really reasonable for what it is. If you haven't heard of Young Fabulous and Broke, they are a great line. Really cool tanks and tees- they remind me of the Olsen twin's style. I hope that description didn't just turn all of you away.

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