Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Salon Modello- Best Salon Ever!

I like to think of myself as well versed in Atlanta salons (I have been to enough!) and I have finally hit the jackpot. I used to go to James Madison (yes, like the president) and really liked my experience. Then, my favorite colorist left along with my stylist (and a few other JM stylists) to start their own salon.
I like to think that Salon Modello is the best of everything from JM. You get complete personalized attention from some of the city's best stylist/colorists without feeling like you are in a Hair Factory (which, is a vibe I often get). It is not row after row of blonds getting blond-er.
Kyle does my color and I would seriously drive anywhere to have him do my hair. He is so talented that he came up with his own method of highlighting based on your personal hair pattern. His color is spot on and I never ever walk out brassy or too light.

I must confess, I did recently cheat on Aaron, my stylist, out of convenience and learned my lesson to not do that again. Though I did get a great cut somewhere else (not to be mentioned), it does not hold a candle to Aaron. He truly understands hair and cuts each person with care- he doesn't just do any old "recipe cut". And I love the scalp massage he starts out with each time.

Salon Modello's prices are comparable to any other better salon in Atlanta, but you get such great personalized attention that I feel like I am robbing them (ok, not really, but they are worth every penny). SM uses both Bumble and Bumble and Aquage.
Check them out and tell them I sent you!

Salon Modello is located on Highland Avenue in Inman Park (next to Johnny's Pizza). 674 Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 681-3670


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You have to be kidding me. Does the owner pay people to write reviews like this.. I went, saw and left. The place is a cheap imitation of the best.

Happy Customer said...

I think that someone with an interest in JM still has sour grapes over so much talent leaving JM to startup Salon Modello. Visit Salon Modello Online to get a great perspective on this salon - you can even request your appointment while browsing the pictures and information.

Happy Customer said...

Working link to Salon Modello. For some reason the link I posted to the Salon Modello website gets rerouted to the incorrect location (perhaps the blog administrator can fix this?). Put this address in your browser's address bar to go to the site: http://salonmodelloatl.com