Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Sales- At Phipps

We are now at the end a sale season, which means lots of stores have been picked through, but it is also the best time to save. Most stores are trying to get the last of summer/spring out the door so you can get as much as 80% off at some amazing stores. Here are my top 3- feel free to add to the list (go ahead and post in comments).

1) Saks- All time favorite place to find shoes. I refuse to wear cheap shoes- not only are they bad for your feet, but they are an instant giveaway to a cheap outfit. You can wear a Hanes tee and an old pair of worn-in jeans, but if your shoes are rich and amazing- you will look like a million bucks (same goes for purses). I digress- Saks shoe department is the best place to find a great deal right now. Everything is half off the price marked- I found a great pair of Christian Louboutins for under $200 (yes, I did resist). Their selection is dwindling, so act fast. I saw a few fab pairs of Mui Mui and Jimmy Choo still there.
As for Contemporary- there are still a couple good finds. I did see a few tops that caught my eye. They also have a good selection of Marc by Marc Jacob and Juicy on sale.

2) Barney's Co Op- They still have a decent selection of tops and dresses on sale. I never think anything really goes on an amazing sale there. For the best deals, head to the back of the store. I did see a couple of great tanks that I had been keeping my eye on throughout the season.
Their shoes selection is pretty bare at this point. I also don't think that they are worth the $$- just walk over to Saks for a better selection and friendlier service. I think the sales reps at Co-Op are really hit or miss- I've been helped by a few that were really great, while others are just too cool for school- get over yourself! Its just Co-op!

3) Jeffrey's- I have to admit, I have never shopped their before, but I fell in love with an gorgeous pair of Prada high heal sandals (nude/pink with a 3.5 inch heal). Jeffrey's is having a great sale too- their prices rival Saks, but I think their selection is less-picked through. They are my pick for sale shoes this week. I would check them out- they have some great stuff still in stock in a variety of sizes. The only down- side is that all their sales are final (well, at least on sale items). Saks has a much better return policy. (They are located right by Saks and Intermix)

Enjoy!!! We didn't call this Disposable Income for nothing!


Sheena said...

Another reason to shop this weekend!

Laura said...

I totally agree with you about purses giving away the cheapness of an outfit. Not that I don't have some cheap ones, but I think accessories are key. That's why I use my disposable income for chic sunglasses!

Found your blog through Asian Cajuns... good stuff! :-)