Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lisa Brown- Major Denim Sale

For those of you who have not shopped at Lisa Brown Atlanta, you have been missing out. It is totally worth the trip OTP (it really is not that far, in Sandy Springs). She carries a bunch of great brands including Mike and Chris (I got an amazing dress by them last season), Hanky Panky, Shoshana, Hudson Denim, etc. What is also so great about her store is that everyone that works there is HELPFUL! I am so sick of boutiques having the most snobby sales associates (Umm Blue Genes!).

On the other spectrum are associates who lie to you just to make a sale (Intermix anyone???). I have never had a bad experience there and actually trust the opinions of the people who work there - so much so that I have had them pull items they think I may like. I have also met Lisa before and she is really a nice person- completely down to earth.

They are currently having a giant denim sale- 70% off all denim (except the brand new shipment). Since denim is basically season-less (unless you live in LA- which I thankfully don't... I would go broke) you can get away with buying last season's or even last year's style.

Check them out.

Lisa Brown
6301 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA 30328
(in the Trader Joe's shopping center)
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