Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gorgeous Wedding Invites @ Urban Cottage

So one of my favorite stores in the Highlands and a friend of mine teamed up to create absolutely beautiful and unique wedding invitations, save-the date cards, stationary, etc.

Matt Berinato is a designer who studied graphic design at SCAD and has worked in LA, New York City and is now a senior designer for TNT, TBS and TCM. I have seen some of the work he has done for other people and their invites have been beautiful. Everything can be customized and he has hundreds of unique ideas. Matt can help you with everything and has an amazing knowledge of design, paper, etc. and he is really passionate about everything he does.

His true expertise is type (fonts for all you Microsoft Word users). He has teamed up with Urban Cottage in the Highlands (Highland and Virginia- by Murphy’s), which is where you can meet, discuss and order all invites.

If you know anyone who needs invitations, I would seriously look into Matt Berinato- I think he is way more talented that most cookie-cutter designers and sure beats Swoozies, Papyrus, etc.

If you haven’t checked out Urban Cottage, you need to- It is an incredible space that sells everything for your home, gifts, clothes, jewelry etc. Everything is handpicked by the owners and is so well edited. I can’t go in there without buying something.
Think a cooler, hipper version of Anthropologie with lower prices. I just got a plate to hang in my kitchen with a little cow, pig and chicken- it is so cool, really kitschy and was ridiculously reasonably priced. They have a whole clothing/intimates/soaps/accessory area that I am in love with- I want to buy it all.

You can contact Urban Cottage to set up a time to chat with Matt.

Urban Cottage
998 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306

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