Thursday, July 17, 2008

Salsa Havana, revisted - still lame

When C-Dub used to live in East Atlanta, we would go to Salsa Havana, a Cuban restaurant at the corner of Ormewood and Moreland, pretty regularly. It wasn't that the food was amazing but it was decent enough to go on our list of regular eateries to hit up on a weeknight.

We got in the habit of grabing the same dish each time - a plate of three tacos. We also developed a little friendship with one of their waitresses and loved going in to see her.

But, once we moved to the westside, we stopped going there due to the distance and felt a little loss. As I said before, the food wasn't amazing but sometimes we just got in the mood for something familiar. So, we decided to try out their westside location on Howell Mill.

It was alright but not quite up to par with the other location. We really liked their BBQ pork taco in the East Atlanta restaurant. But, sometimes the pork taco on the westside was dry and not very tasty. Salsa Havana's name on our regular list began to wane. We would probably continue to go there every now and again had it not been for their owner, who scolded us on our last visit for asking to sit at a table by the window that had been cleared but not reset. Man, I never realized how difficult it was to put a sheet of paper on a table. But now I know better! I was so mad at his boorish behavior, I almost got up and left - I still wish we had. Once we left, we quickly decided not to go back.

But a year or so has passed and I just happened to be at the Publix located near that very restaurant we had banned. Since I was nearby and pretty hungry, I asked C-Dub to put in a to-go order. Fifteen minutes later, I grabbed the bag of tacos and drove home.

Thankfully, we haven't been missing out on much. The tacos were meh (Sidenote - have you ever started to use a word ironically only to find that it becomes a part of your regular vocabulary? This is where I am with "meh" and "totes". I totes can't stop using them!), as the rice seemed undercooked and the pork taco was dry and had no hint of barbqeque sauce on it.

I will happily continue to keep it on the list of banned restaurants. Why patronize a restaurant with a rude owner and mediocre food when I could go to the Taqueria Del Sol, a restaurant with tacos that never fail to please, right up the street?


Chloe said...

I know exactly what you mean. I've had them on my banned list for a few years now. It was still the same story when I came back last year. Sad.

Anonymous said...

I love that Grabmol has taken off her nice gloves. Salsa Havana, you have been beat down. The rest of Atlanta, consider yourselves TOTES on notice!

Oh yeah, ate at P'cheen last night. Not bad for a few beers, some aggressively curried mussels and some fries.... I mean "frites." Nice night to be outside.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and check out Creative Loafing's blog for a report on Desta... Disposable Income: Atlanta's New Food Blog Agenda Setter!