Monday, July 21, 2008

Souper Jenny and the Giant Cake

Now, I am NOT the resident foodie on this blog- I am actually the anti-foodie as I am both gluten and soy-free (imagine how much fun I must be on a date!). But I had to take this opportunity to rave about the gluten-free cake they are now selling at Souper Jenny. I will let the resident foodie blog about Souper Jenny more in detail another time, but for the un-indoctrinated, it is a soup, salad sandwich shop that sells fresh lunch- changing their menu each day depending on what is seasonal and available. They send the menu out each morning to their listserve.

So, today I decided to run and pick up lunch and a piece of the gluten free cake they mentioned on today's menu. Turns out that the cake is baked by a private baker, Mary Harrison. I tried looking her up online, but did not find her. HER CAKE IS AMAZING. The guy at Souper Jenny cut me a GIANT piece the size of my head, and as I type, I am almost done with it. It ia seriously the best cake I have every eaten- it's official name is Mary's Lemon Icebox Cake. Well Mary, I don't know who you are, but I love your cake. Even for those who can each regular, real-people cake, this one is delicious and I doubt you could tell it is gluten-free. I would have tested that theory if I didn't just eat the whole thing.

Souper Jenny
56 East Andrews Srive
Atlanta, GA 30305


GrabMoL said...

Ooh, I'm so glad that cake is delicious. That is great to know!

Broderick said...

Thanks for the reminder on Souper Jenny! I hate that their hours are so short during the week, but I actually work in Buckhead now so that's no longer an excuse. The cake looks good! I can imagine being GF being quite a challenge, I bought gluten-free waffles from Trader Joes by mistake and they were awful

AsianCajuns said...

Too bad Souper Jenny is all the way up in Buckhead. I'd love to try the cake - especially because I have some friends who can only eat gluten-free food. I'll try to keep it in mind when I up in that area of town. I'd love to have giant piece!

Katrina said...

That cake is very good. I am still waiting for them to post it on their menu again.