Monday, July 14, 2008

UrbanSpoon App

How many times have you tried to figure out where to go to lunch only to think of the same old places? (Taqueria on Howell Mill Road come to mind, anyone?) Wouldn't it be great if you could solve this serious quandary while combining your love of the slots?

Well, now you can with the new UrbanSpoon App for your iPhone!

Just give your phone a shakey-shake and it will randomly choose the part of town, type of food, and price range. Don't feel like driving to Suwanee for some sushi? No prob! Just lock the location on where you want to eat - somewhere ITP, I'm sure - and shake away!. (Any of the three options can be locked, of course.)

I can't wait to try this tomorrow when C-Dub and I are trying to avoid a Fourth Meal dinner for the third night in a row.


ETK said...

Wow! THAT is cool! Now *I* need an iPhone!!!

Molly said...

Yeah, you pretty much need to go get one tomorrow.

Broderick said...

I like the yelp app that works with your location, it's pretty sweet :)
Exposure, for flickr, is pretty cool with finding flickr photos near your location as well :)

Anonymous said...

i'll still end up at taqueria ;)