Monday, July 7, 2008

Veggie Delights

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for vegetarian restaurants. I feel a greater affinity for veggies and baked goods than I have ever felt for proteins, Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets notwithstanding.

Every time I discover a new vegetarian restaurant in town, I am hopeful that it will become one of my regular spots. Cafe Sunflower can be hit or miss, Cenci is okay but not great, and the now defunct Power Plant was the biggest disappointment of them all. It took three terribly frustrating visits for me to throw in the towel. I realize that not every restaurant can be The Grit but a girl can dream, right?

My friend, Brian, gave me a tip a few months ago on a great vegetarian place, World Peace Cafe. I waited far too long to try it out, but once I did, I was hooked. Everything tastes so fresh and vibrant - not dull or fried. The employees are not actually employed but volunteers of the restaurant; all proceeds benefit the Rameshori Buddhist Center just up the street. After my initial visit, I was pleased to add the World Peace Cafe to my regular restaurant rotation.

C-Dub and I had a craving for it and decided to grab some dinner there last Friday, July 4th after seeing Wall-E. (Side note - if you haven't seen Wall-E yet, go now!) We were able to be slightly good Americans by having burgers - or Peace Burgers, as it were.

Check out them tater wedges!

My Peace Burger came on top of yummy salad of greens, shredded carrots, shredded beets, and tomatoes. The Peace Burger is by far the best testing veggie burger I've had in town. It is a house made patty composed of vegetables and oats and has a slight reddish color.

I never realized that peace could taste so delicious!

We both got a bowl of the Lentil, Kale, & Mushroom soup on the side. Oh my, is it tasty. I don't eat kale half as much as I should. But, if this soup was readily available to me at home, I would be eating kale all the time.

I couldn't talk about our meal that evening without mentioning the tea. I'm not sure I've ever had an unsweet iced tea with such complex but not overpowering flavors as the one I had at World Peace. I wish I had asked what kind of tea it was. All I know is it was delightful and very refreshing.

Doesn't it look enticing?

After our meal at World Peace Cafe, C-Dub and I headed up to the Kroger around the corner to grab what we could of their remaining fireworks. We ended up with 6 boxes of sparklers and were able to properly celebrate the 4th.

Happy 4th, y'all!

World Peace Cafe
220 Hammond Drive
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


Don said...

Hey, Mols! I saw in the AJC today that a vegetarian who eats fish is a pescatarian. What is a vegetarian who eats fish and chicken?


Don said...

Mols, I'll put Miss Ann Price's Ghetto Burger or Six Feet Under's cheeseburger (without the cheese) up against World Peace's veggie burger all day long.


Broderick said...

I've never heard of this place, the peace burger looks good!

Glue&Glitter said...

OMG this place looks fantastical! I'd never even heard of it before!

I would please like to go there for brunch and try those vegan cranberry-orange pancakes!!

rp said...

Oh man, I am so going there. And, while there, I'll pretend to be a vegetarian.

ETK said...

Wow that looks YUMMY! Can't wait to try it. You are so my new food idol. :)

Sheena said...

Now I miss The Grit!