Monday, September 15, 2008

Movies and Rogue'n under the stars

Lady Rogue is full of ideas. Just ask her - she is busting at the seams keeping it in so she can surprise us at each rogueApron. All she'll really say is how excited she is about the impending event.

Well, her excitement is totally justified; each event is so much fun and creatively planned. (Curious about the previous events? Click here for my post on the fourth rogueApron event or here for my post on the third event. I've also got pictures from the second event here.)

So, when I got the invite to attend this past Sunday evening, I had to go even though I was only going to be back in town from Milwaukee just a few hours prior. Plus, it sounded awesome! Night at the movies - how was that going to work?

We later found out that it meant burgers on pretzel rolls grilled under the stars at the Starlight Six Drive-In!

A couple of rogue volunteers!

There were two homemade burgers - handmade beef patties seasoned with sea salt and cracked pepper or southwestern veggie/vegan burgers. Each burger was served on a fresh, homemade pretzel bun with a side of yummy, homemade chips. And, to top off your burgers, there was homemade mustard and ketchup, both mixed with East Atlanta Brewery Mother Of All Porters for a kick! (Tired of me using the word, "homemade"? Too bad! Everything - and I do mean everything - is made from scratch at rogueApron events. duh.)

A burger out of the dark

mother of all!!

Spicy...but sweet!

rogue attendees putting together their burgers

Before (or after the burgers, if you're like me), there was delicious, spiced popcorn to nosh on.

popcorn by candle light

the popcorn lined up before the movie watchers

To wash it all down, we had three East Atlanta Brewery choices to pick from: Dave's Pale Ale, Nutmeg Whitbier, or Double Agent Orange.

the EAB menu

Oh, you thought that was it? You thought wrong! Lady Rogue doesn't skimp on dessert - not when there is chocolate-covered-lucky-charms-sprinkled Twinkies to be had! (If you're wrinkling your nose right now, it's only because you've never had one.)

...on a stick, no less!

movie watchers and rogue eaters

If you'd like to attend the next Rogue Apron event, go to their website and sign up for the mailing list. And don't sit on the email when you get it - sign up immediately. Lady Rogue's events are the talk of the town and fill up within hours of her pressing "send"!


Lady Rogue said...

Awh, thanks for the coverage Molly! Always exciting to see pictures!

Our last event booked in approximately 15 minutes ... and that's even with the gmail-suspending-our-account-issue. So crazy!

I'll keep you guys posted on upcoming events :)

Glue&Glitter said...

Aw, how fun! I wish I could have made it out.

They should think about selling some of the cool foodstuff they make...I would totally buy a jar of beery mustard!

Anonymous said...

I want another chocolate covered twinkie dipped in Lucky Charms!