Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rogue'n for the fourth time

Last Wednesday, Rogue Apron had its fourth official event. I think it was the best, yet. (Check out my entry of the last event here. I've also got pictures from the second event here.)

The location was just about perfect with a beautiful yard for the setup and a huge kitchen for prep.

See how pretty?

Falafel prep

Kebab prep

The dishes were inspired by all things Mediterranean and, as usual, guests were greeted with a delicious Basil Lemon Vodka shot. (For all Rogue newbies; beware! The shots that Lady Rogue cooks up are scrumptious but very, very potent!)

The menu

To keep hunger at bay, guests could nosh on homemade rosemary foccacia immediately upon entering the Rogue location.

Commence noshing

There were servers for this Rogue Apron event (as opposed to lining up to be served) and they brought out the dishes of falafel, lamb kebabs, moussaka, and pizzas - all made from scratch, of course!

Falafel with a cucumber salad

Lamb kebab


Vegan moussaka

Beer was provided by East Atlanta Brewery

A Rogue Apron meal isn't complete without a touch of sweet! We were served two desserts - biscotti with fresh fruit and pana cotta.

Rogue servers with dessert


Pana Cotta

The food is great and thoughtfully prepared. But, my favorite part of Rogue Apron might be the time when you are waiting for the food and chatting with all the interesting people that are drawn to this event.

Chatting it up

If you'd like to attend the next Rogue Apron event, go to their website and sign up for the mailing list. A tip - when you receive the email with the event info, don't delay in signing up if you are able to attend. Lady Rogue informed me that the Mediterranean event sold out in just two hours!


Broderick said...

Love the photos, especially the food prep shots. Nice recap!

ETK said...

Wow - love the photos!!! The last one is my favorite! I want to go so bad, I hope I can make the next one.