Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanil Kwan, revisted

My friends Carol, Jim (who prefers to be called by his internet handle, Babs), and I have been talking about getting some Korean barbecue for a long time. But, since Babs has been so busy at work to spend time with his friends, we've had to reschedule many, many, many times.

After many reschedules, Carol and I finally decided to just go ahead and grab dinner at the place with "the grazing cows on the sign"with or without Jim. Little did I know that I had already been to the Korean restaurant Carol was thinking of, Hanil Kwan, once before.

grazing cows

The time C-Dub and I went there, we had bulgogi (marinated beef) and dahk galbi (marinated chicken). I wasn't crazy about the chicken because it was all dark meat. But, I was happy to give Hanil Kwan another try!

This time around, we got two dishes that we had never tried before at Hanil Kwan: short ribs and shrimp.

The waitress prepares the meat!

shrimp on top, short ribs near the bottom

It was really delicious! My only wish would have been to have a little bit more spice to the shrimp marinade. Other than that, the beef (which I rarely eat) was quite tasty and the banchan (all those side dishes to the Korean barbecue) were delectable. It was a very good deal for the amount of food we got.

After our dinner, we drove up the street to Mozart Bakery, a Korean and Japanese bakery, to grab some pastries.

bright & clean!

C-Dub ordered cream-filled crumb bread and Carol and I shared some daifuku (glutinous rice cake filled with sweetened red bean paste made from azuki beans).

Creamy and cakey

before the eating

chewy chomp!

I enjoyed the daifuku and I am pretty sure C-Dub enjoyed his pastry, even though he described the cream as tasting like straight up whipped butter.

I thought this was a great little bakery. There were a lot of treats to choose including my favorite, anpan (a sweet bun filled with sweet adzuki beans)Mmm! Plus, it was big, bright, and very clean.

Ooh, and if you are a fan of bubble tea (or any other type of tea, for that matter), Mozart Bakery has plenty of flavors to choose from.

Hanil Kwan
5458 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340


Mozart Bakery
5301 Buford Hwy NE
Doraville, GA 30340

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