Monday, September 1, 2008

What We're Wear'n- Ann Roth Shoes

I am a big fan of supporting local artists and designers, especially one as talented as Ann Roth. She makes adorable shoes from all sorts of found fabrics and details. I happen to love the pair that GrabMol strolled in wearing last week. These are a great pair of wedge espadrille heels with a really cute black and patterned fabric. What I really like about this fabric is that it is slightly textured (take my word for it, I know you can't tell by the photo). I think these are a great addition to any wardrobe and will look amazing with a jean skirt.

Ann Roth also lets you customize your own shoes. You can either pick out of your own fabric and she will apply it to one of her current shoe designs, or work with you to start the design process from scratch. Many of her styles are great for summer and spring, but several I think would be perfect with a pair of tights for the fall and winter.

Check out her website to see what stores in Atlanta carry her shoes or to shop online.


June Shin said...

I'm not a huge fan of espadrilles, but those are very cute.

maryk said...

they are very very cute. she does some HGTV commercials, too. i remember being on set with her, and she gave the client a pair of shoes, and they were unbelievable! had no idea she even did that!

Foxy said...

these are perfect….i need them

Pinky said...

Now I LOVE these