Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reminder: Souper Jenny is open today!

Remember back in early August when I taunted you with the delicious delights available at Souper Jenny? Well, Jenny is back in business today beginning at 11am! Just remember to hit up the ATM before you go, as they only take cash or check.

And for all of you Metrofreshuals (like myself), Metrofresh is closed today for their annual cleaning day. So, that just gives you another reason to stop by Souper Jenny!

Souper Jenny
56 East Andrews Srive
Atlanta, GA 30305

1 comment:

Amity said...

Why didn't I check your site this morning... I totally went to MetroFresh for lunch. :( (Although, it's being closed gave me an excuse to try Mediterranean Grill, so it's all good.)