Thursday, September 11, 2008

White After Labor Day? The Truth Revealed!

So lately I have had several people ask me about the old "You can't wear white after Labor Day" adage. And as the resident fashionista on this blog, I am here to clear a few things up.
I had this same conversation with my dear friend LD last year. And we came to the conclusion that it IS OK and actually very in vouge to wear white after Labor Day. BUT you must check the weight, length and type of fabric first.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

1) White pants- go ahead and wear them, but the fabric must be heavy- like a wool or cool weather fabric. Linen would not be OK, as that is a summer fabric. They also need to be trouser length- not capris, as capri pants are for summer or spring. I think a cream colored jean would be alright, but not a bright white.

2) White Skirts- same as pants. They need to be a heavier fabric, but I am saying no to white jean skirts. Again, no linen, light-weight silk or any kind of summery fabric. I also believe the skirt needs to be on the longer side, a length that could be worn with boots or booties.

3) White shoes- I personally think white shoes are the devil. I have not found a pair of white shoes I like. I don't even really like them for weddings (I think a pair of light baby blue heels would be fab!). I don't like them even on Easter (but as you have probably guessed, Yenta Girl doesn't celebrate Easter- but even if I did, I would not wear white shoes). I digress... Anyway, I would stay away from white shoes after Labor Day for sure. If you HAD to wear white shoes, they have to be winter appropriate. That means leather and closed toe, not a strappy sandal.

4) White purses- These are fine. Just make sure that it is a sturdy bag and leather. It would be great if it had some strong metal-work (think buckle, etc) to make it seem heavier. I want to clarify I mean heavier in silhouette, not in actual weight.

You can always increase the appropriateness of your white by wearing other cool-weather clothes to make the outfit work for the season.

Please feel free to ask any "White after Labor Day" questions... I will be sure to write back!


kiwi said...

what about a pair of white cotton pants? not light but not heavy either...i really love these pants and labor day saddens me.

Lauren said...

Yenta & LD do indeed discuss this every year. And now I've learned the rules, so I don't have to ask anymore.

Thanks for the Easter tip.

What about in Boca?

Sheila said...

How would you wear white jeans in the winter?

Anonymous said...

Kiwi- You should stay away from white cotton pants. UNLESS they are a heavy weave and/or lined.

Sheila- As for white jeans- I think a cream colored jean would be alright, but a bright white is still too springy. If you had to wear white jeans during the winter, I would pair it with a great chunky sweater and high boots.

Lauren- In Boca, you can wear whatever you want :) As long as it matches blue hair.

Tessa said...

Hi. I have a dressy party to go to tonight, and I'm wearing a blue satiny dress and I was debating on what color shoes to wear with it. I didn't know if white was appropriate since it's after Labor day. How about red?

Anonymous said...

I think red would be perfect! I know your party has passed, but I hope you went with the red. For dressing up, I think that you need to coordinate, not match. Therefore a blue dress would go great with those shoes. Even a yellow would be really pretty.