Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movin' Day!

I am excited to say that I am finally moving to my new place this weekend. While packing is a NIGHTMARE, it has been fun trying to figure out how to design my new space. I am on a "shopping diet" so I really want to work with what I currently own. With that being said, a girl has to live a little.

Here are some of my favorite new finds. I am going with the design aesthetic of "Things I Like". It is similar to when I was little and I dressed myself. I would really like a shirt, let's say stripes- and then I would pick out shorts that were let's say, polka dots. Since I really like the shirt and I really liked the shorts, then that must mean the outfit would be amazing! My poor mother did not want to stunt my creativity and therefore sent me to preschool in whatever crazy outfit I picked out. I think she must have prayed that people didn't think she was the one dressing me.

Anyway, I am going to just fill my apartment with pretty things I like and hope that in a quirky way, they work- think Shabby Chic/Anthropologie. No color scheme, no theme, just cool stuff.
Here is a not so great image of my new little rug I am planning on putting in my bedroom. It is small, only 2x3, but will be perfect in front of the bed. If you want to check out the detailing, go to

I am also very excited about my dish towels (hey, I'm excited!), also from Anthropologie. All of my kitchen accessories, like my Kitchen Aid stand mixer are pink, so I think these should be a nice addition. They should work with what I currently have, but not make the kitchen overly pink and girly.

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Lauren said...

Are you going to credit your amazing decorator friend for her incredible eye in decorating your apt??