Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Super Lunch at Souper Jenny

If you know me in the slightest, you are probably aware that I visit MetroFresh at least twice a week for a delicious, fast, yet healthy lunch. A few of the gals at the office (including Yenta Girl) will often make a quick run there for some food when there isn't time for a lunch away and pick up something for other growling, grateful stomachs.

Souper Jenny's spot in Buckhead

MetroFresh was born out of an apprenticeship that MetroFresh's Mitchell Anderson had with Jennifer Levison. Jennifer is the owner of Souper Jenny, the home of the original delicious, fast, and healthy lunch in Atlanta.

While we are big fans of both eateries, MetroFresh is the spot we hit up most frequently since it is only five minutes (Ha! Who am I kidding? With Atlanta traffic, it's ten minutes) away from our work. But, when we've got the time to take the trek, we're happy to drive over to Souper Jenny for lunch.

Souper Jenny takes the month of August off. So we wanted to get over there for our last Souper lunch of the summer.

The daily menu

When I opened up the daily email menu from Souper Jenny, I was excited to see that one of the sandwiches offered that day was made with, "Linton Hopkins' homemade ciabatta". (Linton Hopkins is co-owner of both Restaurant Eugene, Holeman & Finch, and H&F Bread Co.) I already knew how good his bread was from previous experience so I was sold on what I was having for lunch that day!

Sadly, when we arrived, they had already sold out of the sandwiches made with the ciabatta. But! They still had three tomato, mozzarella sandwiches made with Hopkins' homemade brioche. Jackpot!

Beaming with sandwich pride!

We ordered up the last three. Yenta Girl asked for her sandwich to be accompanied by fruit topped with yogurt and honey. I also had the fruit but requested it without the yogurt or honey. Rachel ordered her sandwich with a side of Georgia lady pea salad. We were all quite happy with our food and the brioche was scrumptious.

Yenta Girl tried to avoid my photographic advances

My mozzarella sandwich with a side of fruit

Have peas ever looked so appetizing?

The glutten-free pièce de résistance was a slice of Mary's Lemon Icebox Cake. (Yenta Girl wrote about it back in late July.) I didn't want to steal it all for myself but, had I not exercised self-control, I would have gobbled it all up!

Doesn't look or taste gluten-free but it is!

So the bad news is, Souper Jenny is closed through August. The good news? You've got Outlook (or iCal or Google Calendar) and can go ahead and mark your calendar to have lunch at Souper Jenny on Monday, September 1st. See you there!

Souper Jenny
**Closed until September 1st**
56 East Andrews Drive
Atlanta, GA 30305

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ETK said...

OMG, that looks amazing. I will have to go. Why have I never heard of this place?? Can't wait till September!