Monday, August 18, 2008

Target is an enabler

I was in Target this evening (Side note - will someone please get me help?! I'm totally addicted to Target and can't stop myself!) and saw this horrific sight:

No, these aren't jeans. These are leggings. Oh yes, take that one in - leggings. A pair of leggings designed to look like pants. Leggings that you can wear as a step up from actually painting on your jeans. (For Yenta Girl's thoughts on the subject go here and scroll to the bottom of the post.)

Is it worth an extra $12.99 to help others commit their fashion sins, Target?

Oh, and in case you missed it from the top picture, here is the other fashion atrocity that Target is selling as "fashion knit leggings".


Glue&Glitter said...

Molly wine just almost came out of my nose.

ETK said...

Ha! Wine just came out of my nose too.

Ok, not really - it's 9:30 am for goodness sake! Those are so horrible. Did you buy a pair? :)

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and appalled

C-Dub said...

Do these leggings make me look fat?

Lady Rogue said...

I LOVE these. The confluence of skinny jean & leggin trends together at last!

I just can't wait until they invent the baggy pegged jean-leggins.

(oh, and p.s. Target, Kimmy Gibbler is soooo mad you snaked her favorite floral pants!)

Debra said...

Even the model looks a little thick in those floral leggings. I think they got them from Blossom!