Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Midtown Restaurant Week! (duh.)

We're in the midst of Midtown Restaurant Week, as you probably know.

I hadn't planned on going anywhere, honestly. But I was pleasantly surprised with an invitation from ETK to join her at Dogwood this Friday night.

Where have you gone this week? Where are you planning to go? I'd love to post your guest reviews. Leave me a note in the comments if you are interested in sharing your dining experience from Midtown Restaurant Week.


ETK said...

You know, I couldn't believe we didn't have plans to partake of the $25 3-course! I do need to check with Dogwood tonight to be sure they have something I can and will eat. :)

We are looking forward to it!

kiwi said...

Two Urban Licks on Friday! =)

Sara said...

We went to Strip on Tues. night. It was good, not great. I didn't love that they only had one choice for the appetizer and salad, and two choices for main course. Some of the other restaurants seem to be doing a better job of giving more/better options.

Amity said...

I was at Spice Market last night. Really enjoyed it. The dessert was fabulous--Ovaltine Kolfi. My noodle entree was alright, but not great. I enjoyed their drink choices, though, and would definitely like to go back another time.

Sheila said...

Dogwood was outstanding. Service, food, wine, atmosphere- all flawless. If I could ever make grits that good, I'd never leave the house.
Then, to top it all off: a 25% off coupon for when we return. And yes we will--ASAP.