Monday, June 23, 2008

Leggings! (not for the faint of heart)

This was not a trend that I thought I would ever embrace. I can bet many of you are thinking, “Just stay away!”
When I first saw “them” a few weeks back, I thought that shiny leggings looked like something that should stay on the bottom of Boy George’s closet or trapped in the mind of Patricia Fields.
I think it was one afternoon when was looking through Nylon Magazine- in the midst of the pages, there was a great spread that showed a happy model embracing shiny leggings. Later that day I got on email from Singer 22 (great, trendy online store based out of Long Island- think Shopbop meets OK Magazine- all the clothes they sell have been featured/seen on some star out in LA first) purporting that EVERYONE in Hollywood was wearing shiny leggings- with heals! With gladiator sandals! With Converse! At that point I was ready to buy into the trend, why not- no one has died from shiny leggings. I already love regular black ones, so why not step it up a notch.
Well, I was ready to embrace the trend, but not for the $140 that Singer 22 was selling them for. Instead I did a little research and found that for under $50 American Apparel had the exact same leggings (Buckhead AA is where I purchased mine- for those of you that must run out and get your very own pair). I walked into that dressing room a skeptic and walked out a convert. So now as I sit on a plane to LA stowed below in my purple suitcase is my very own pair of shiny leggings,
I personally don’t think that they should be worn with anything but super high heels and fab jewelry- anything else looks too Emo (not that there is anything wrong with Hot Topic- just not my style).
* Note on proper legging etiquette- leggings are not pants… they are fake pants. Therefore your shirt/dress needs to cover at least half of your bum (unless you are Kate Moss, and in that case- you can do whatever you want and thanks for reading our blog).

Let me know your opinion on the trend- I know this one is going to make many of you skeptical… Ann Taylor 'aint wearing shiny leggings!


GrabMoL said...

I would entertain the idea of wearing these leggings but only in the dead of winter. (You know, when it gets down in the 40s around here?)

I can't imagine wearing these when it is 90 degrees out sitting in my hot, sticky Volvo during Atlanta traffic. But, then again, I'm not that fashionable!

Lauren said...

Is that Ann Taylor comment a dig at me??

Rogue said...

Oh man. I am *actually* wearing those AA shiny leggings right now! They are my "kinda dressed up but still comfy" default. I "needed" them for a wedding a while back, and I make excuses to wear them all the damn time.

Now if I could only find a reason to buy the bright pink ones ...

Lady Rogue