Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday Pancakes, a quick bite

My favorite birthday treat is definitely pancakes, by far. I usually try to limit myself from eating pancakes when I eat breakfast out. But, on my birthday, I live it up!

Normally, I would go to Bluebird or Radial for some flapjacks but I was nervous about the Saturday morning brunch crowds. I remembered how World Peace Cafe serves breakfast and, sure enough, they have some pancakes on the menu - Vegan Cranberry-Orange Pancakes, at that!

I typically don't go for anything but plain pancakes but I was eager to try out World Peace's spin with orange zest and cranberries. My willingness to experiment with my taste buds was rewarded - those pancakes are delicious! The orange zest and cranberries were perfect together. For those that are scared off by the word, "vegan"; go ahead and continue to think vegan means tasteless. That just leaves more for me!

World Peace Cafe
220 Hammond Drive
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


maryk said...

why are they so far away from me?!?!

ETK said...

Man, those pancakes looks YUMMY! Must. Go.