Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Countdown to Urban Cottage + DI Event!!!

Only 4 days until the Urban Cottage and Disposable Income Event! We are so excited if you couldn't tell.

Last night we went over to Urban Cottage and picked out our favorite things. On Saturday, you can check out what we love and get a discount on those items. I already ended up buying an amazing long cotton sweater coat (and trust me, there are at least 10 other things that I am going to get on Saturday).

The store is all decorated for the holidays and looks so great (this coming from someone who doesn't even celebrate Christmas).

We are also gearing up for the gift bags for the first 50 people. Each day we keep getting more items added to the bags. Some of the highlights include gift cards provided by Fifth Group Restaurants, a CD, and Whynatte Latte samples (A dedicated post with more info on Whynatte Latte is to come - but we LOVE them).

Make sure you bring all your friends. There will be yummy snacks from Aurora Coffee, Woodfire Grill, Bella Cucina and more.

Saturday, Dec. 6 from 6pm-??
See you there!


ETK said...

I'm so there!

Dirty said...

Tracy and I are going to swing by tomorrow! Sounds like fun!

Lauren said...

Nice event, ladies! Hope you were pleased with it - it was fun!
I'm already enjoying my new UC presents to myself.