Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kyma - guest review

C-Dub and I ate at Kyma last summer to take advantage of Buckhead Life's summer discount card. We weren't thrilled with our meal (mainly the overabundance of olive oil in all of the dishes - a little goes a long way, people!) and did not feel the need to go back.

Which is why we've been baffled by my Dad's love of Kyma. He has never had a bad experience there and always reports a good meal. While I am still skeptical, here is my Dad's review of his dinner at the restaurant last night:

"Judy and I had a wonderful meal at Kyma last night, celebrating my 67th birthday (too old!).

We shared Pekilia (the combination spreads with warm pita bread), a special appetizer of grilled shrimp over Greek coleslaw -- the best coleslaw I've ever eaten, an entree of woodfire cooked pompano with a light butter sauce, lemon juice and capers and Greek cookies for dessert"

The server preparing their pompano table side.

While C-Dub and I wont' be going back anytime soon, my Dad would surely encourage the uninitiated to give Kyma a try.

3085 Piedmont Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305


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