Monday, February 2, 2009

Blow-out HELP!

So on Saturday, I wanted to get my hair shampooed and blown out. Of course I could do this myself, but it NEVER looks as great as when a professional does it.
ME + Round Brush + Blow-dryer = rats nest hair. It isn't pretty and I end up just using the idiot-proof flat iron.

I called around to get general prices and most places were $35. I did find one salon that charges $65 for JUST A BLOW OUT!!! Vidal Sassoon in Lenox...are you nuts??? You are in a mall for goodness sake! I can get a haircut at Carter Barnes for less than that! Am I paying for the extra "O" in your name? What gives??
I almost laughed at the girl when she said $65. I actually called back later to double check.

Now I don't mind spending a few dollars on this, but I would love to find a place that charges less than $35. HELP! Can you all suggest some great places that charge a little less? Or throw in some kind of fun perk? Note- I'm not a huge fan of the Aveda Institute because they are always booked and their talent can be hit or miss (which I totally understand, they are a school). I would like to see if you all can come up with any other.
Can you help!?


travis said...

i'll blow it out for $5. granted, it may look worse when i finish than when i start. but i am cheap.

Avigail said...

If you don't mind driving to Gwinnett, there's a place in lawrenceville called Hairbenders that charges $25. I live in-town but I was going to a wedding in Duluth and stopped there in a pinch. They did a pretty good job on my curly hair and it lasted well considering it was a humid summer day.

Mills said...

Van Michael New Talents charges close to $35 for a blow out (I think). You have to ask for a New Talents stylist though.