Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Bruncheon at Pura Vida

In our quest to find more places that do brunch and booze, we tried out the brunch at Pura Vida this morning. Pura Vida has been serving brunch for the past few months but it still seems like a well-kept secret, as the crowd was minimal.

the only picture I got of the coveted mimosa was with my phone for twitter.
clearly, I have priorities.

I thought the brunch was fantastic, really. The tapas are a nice change of pace for the typical brunch in town. You'll still get your eggs, meat, and potatoes fix - just with a twist.

tortilla espanola "deconstructed": fried potatoes, pearl onion confit,
slow cooked eggs & pimenton de la vera

fried papitas con sofrito: potatoes, onions, peppers & garlic

And, if you're more of a sweet tooth bruncher, they have quite a few delicious options for you.

ETK proudly displays the sweet corn masa pancakes with the citrus pilon sugar syrup

pineapple roll french toast with bananas, currants, and coco cajeta espuma

For something that you won't find at other typical Atlanta brunch spots, Pura Vida has yuca fries, shrimp ceviche, and caramelized maduros that were all quite scrumptious.

in the background is the partially devoured ceviche "a la piedra": sizzling shrimp ceviche,
yuca, onions, cilantro & cirtus aji broth
in the foreground is the churros con chocolate

yuca fries with rocoto ketchup and cotija crema

carmelized maduros with mexican cajeta, fried peanuts, and goat cheese foam

No complaints at brunch today! Only full bellies and satisfied faces.

Pura Vida
656 North Highland Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30306


tt said...

scrumpdillyicious!!! looks yummy...umm...your next outing will be when??? :)

June Shin said...

I've heard their brunches are good. Hope to try it one day.