Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Hair Products You NEED- trust me

OK, you really need to get these 2 hair products, no matter what type of hair you have. I'm serious, you will thank me.

1) Dry Hair Shampoo- This is a lifesaver product- it allows you to save your blow-outs. It also does a great job of refreshing your hair if you don't have the time to wash and style (this should live in your gym bag). I would not say that it is a substitute for real shampoo, but rather lets you go a little longer between washes (which is much healthier for your hair).

This stuff has been around forever, but up until recently, most hair powers were in shake-on containers which made application very tricky (no one wants to look like they are wearing a George Washington-inspired powdered wig). Now, lots of brands come in aerosol versions. My favorite brand out there is René Furterer; though Oscar Blandi does make a decent product.
You can get both brands at a variety of salons, or Sephora.

Bumble and bumble makes a dry shampoo line for different hair colors, which would be great for darker shades. Note- I am blond and the one that is made for blonds in the B&B line was way too dark, so you may want to try a shade lighter than you actually are.

2) Elnett Hairspray- I hate hairspray. I even hate the name- it conjures up visions of 80s prom queens, hard hair, and memories of being a bridesmaid. Well, this product changes everything. Last year I read in a few fashion magazines that this stylist favorite was going to be finally available in the US. Apparently top stylists have been using this product for years and had to bring it back in their suitcases from Europe. Now it is available at Target! (reason #403 why I love Target).

Unlike most hairspray, the mist is SUPER fine and not sticky at all (really I promise). You can run a comb through your hair even after it is sprayed. It also adds shine without weighing it down with silicone like many products. The best part is that it helps keep humidity out- I really put it through that test the last 5 days here in Atlanta. Click here to see if your Target carries it. They have an extra hold formula, but the regular one works just fine in my opinion. This shouldn't even be called "hairspray", it should get a better name (suggestions welcome!).

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