Thursday, March 26, 2009

Salon Review (and free deal!)- Richie Arpino Salon

A few weeks ago, I went to Richie Arpino salon for a deep conditioning treatment and a haircut.

(Check out this blog for an amazing FREE deal on a deep conditioning treatment plus 20% off all other services now through the end of March at Richie Arpino- Jessica Shops Atlanta. I don't want to take any credit for this offer since it is through her site, so check out the blog and support Jessica Shops. It is a great site to bookmark).

I will say that I had a really positive experience. Everyone at the salon were very friendly and it wasn't snooty or intimidating, like many salons around the city who like to think they are tragically hip. The vibe was very warm- stylists and clients were all taking about TV and current events all together. It didn't feel like a "hair factory" which many larger salon are guilty of.

I actually had Richie himself cut my hair (I felt very special). He did a great job and listened to what I wanted. He did take off a little more than I expected at first, but overall I am really happy with the haircut. I would recommend checking them out if you need a new stylist.

Richie is known all over Atlanta and has been featured in a TON of magazines as well as a stylist for the TBS show Movie and a Makeover.
I also found out that he is a talented photographer and was impressed with his work behind the camera as well as his "work" on my head :)


Anonymous said...

As they say, "not-for-nothing" but as a MOT, I find your "handle" "YENTA-GIRL" not only NOT-cute NOR-funny,but tacky and more grist for the mill of die-hard steriotypes that our sisters have been trying to lose for over 30 years! You MAY BE a Yenta in actuality,thats your business,(Loshen-Hara..anyone?) but shoving that old not-funny put-down in the secular world doesn't do The Tribe any good..A word to the wise should be sufficiant...only sayin hon.... please....give-it-a-break!

Anonymous said...

1) Too bad you don't have the chutzpah to actually write your name to this rude post

2) You are the one attaching negative attributions to the word Yenta, not me. It is not a put-down nor has anyone in my community thought it was negative. I'm orthodox- and my friends (and Rabbi for that matter) in the community love the blog.
It is not offensive, nor is it Lashon HaRa. I am simply passing information on about local businesses. I guess you would think the Yellow Pages or Yelp are full of Lashon HaRa too.

3) You don't like my blog. Don't read it. I would think another MOT would like to support their own kind. Too bad that isn't the case.

4) Learn to spell-check.

5) Happy Passover!

The Blissful Glutton said...

I am a Jewish woman-not Orthodox or anywhere close-and believe there is absolutely nothing wrong with using the word Yenta especially in the obviously comical manner "Yenta Girl" does.

I am more embarrassed, however, a member of the tribe would publicly slam another for simply offering a public service meant to entertain.