Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Consignment Shop- Labels Resale Boutique

Ok, you need to check this place out! I've lived in Atlanta for over 4 years and I had yet to find a good consignment shop with decent brands up until yesterday. Labels Resale Boutique in Buckhead (by the Whole Foods and across the street from Richie Arpino Salon) is amazing. They have tons of high end brands at ridiculously low prices. On top of that, they are very good about editing what comes in, so all the items I saw were in amazing shape. Anne Fontaine tops, 7 and True Religion jeans, Monolo and Prada shoes, BCBG tops and dresses, lots of organic tees (which are brand new and $10-$15).

When I was there yesterday they had a ton of Anthropologie items that were just brought in- I got an awesome skirt for $20 that looked like it had never been worn (I heart long skirts). In addition to the skirt I got a La Rok cropped jean jacket that was only $15 (it was probably over $200 when it was new) and a kick ass snake ring. After I trading in 2 pairs of jeans and a cotton skirt, I only ended up paying $6 for all three of these items.

The store works like a regular consignment shop- you can bring in your stuff to sell on consignment, or you can bring in and trade (what I did) or you can outright sell it. As you would guess, if you sell on consignment, you can get more $ for your items, but you have to wait for them to sell. If you trade for other items in the shop you get a little less for them, but you also walk out of the store with something new. And lastly, if you take the cash, you get the least amount for you clothes, but you do get $. I personally like the trade option.

So make sure you stop by and bring any of your high-end jeans, tops, dresses, etc. that you don't wear anymore and walk out with fun new stuff! Trust me, this blows Plato's Closet or Psycho Sisters out of the water. I will be taking my mom when she comes in May for sure. I highly recommend checking Labels out.

Labels Resale Boutique
202 Paces Ferry Place
Atlanta, GA 30305

(photo source- Labels website)

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Katie said...

Thanks for the tip! Checked this place out at lunch today. Selection was great, prices were super reasonable, friendly owner, and shop was well organized.