Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Salt Sunglasses

OK, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been really crazy, amongst other things, I moved (yay Toco Hills).

After wearing glasses for over twenty years (I got my first pair in kindergarten. They were blue with the Pink Panther on the sides. And yes, my mom has saved them all these years) I finally got contacts. Now, besides being totally overjoyed that I don't have to wear glasses all the time, I am also ecstatic that I can buy any pair of sunglasses I want, without having to get them made with custom lenses.

I have always wanted a pair of aviators and found the most perfect pair at Salle Opticians at Phipps. They have an amazing selection of high-end designer frames and sunglasses. Additionally, their staff actually know what they are talking about (though I will say not super friendly).

The pair I ended up getting is made by this great independent company out of California called Salt Optic. Their sunglasses are worn by all the stars and have been in tons of magazine. I have to admit, I had never heard of this brand, but am now a huge fan. Check out their site to learn about how much effort and detail go into each pair. I think they are worth the $$ for sure. I got them because I just love how they look, but after reading about the company, I am very happy to have purchased such a well-crafted pair of glasses. Now I just need to pray that no one sits on them!

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